Sea Garden

This week I had the opportunity to attend a dinner with wives from my husbands squadron.  It just so happened to be a going away dinner for a member/ trainer at crossfitasia: Jewel.  Since she is such a classy girl, we had her dinner at Sea Garden on the Sunabe Sea Wall.  We made our reservations for a party of 8, but they made room for another one at the last second.  We made the reservations the night before, but I warn you- if you plan on dining over a  weekend- call a week or two in advance!  The atmosphere is laid back and classy.  The menu is small, but every single item looked divine (pictures included)!  The prices, I think, were reasonable.  I ordered an appetizer, a dinner and a drink and it was about $50 (I used my card, but they take yen cash too).  The sunsetting behind the Japanese airliners as they were sailing through the sunset was free. Worth it in my book!

Since Im still hanging onto the learning curve of eating Paleo, I tried to order “paleo-ish” items.  I knew sushi, edamae, and the fondue were not a good option so I went with the carpaccio for an appetizer.  I’ve never had “raw beef” before, but Im sure it was Paleo approved (the sauce on the side maybe not so much)!!!  My culinary explanations are a bit on the unexperienced side, but Im going to use the word “chewy” to describe the carpaccio.  It was thinly sliced, but the slices were large.  It was hard to cut it into two and it wasn’t very pretty trying to chew the whole thing at once.. there went my attempt at being classy!  The other word I’ll use to describe the raw beef was “good”!  Ill definitely order it again both at this restaurant and at others… now that I know what it is!

My dinner was the “grilled lamb”.  I’ve never had lamb before (we didn’t have many lambs where I grew up).  With eating Paleo I’ve learned that there are more options than just chicken, steak and bacon. The grilled lamb were lamb chops and they resembled pork chops, but the meat was much more tender and incredibly tasty!  The lamb was served with beautifully sliced veggies and some baked potato wedges.

The meat might not have been grass fed and the veggies might not have been organic, but you can definitely eat paleo-esque, enjoy a beautiful sunset and if you are so lucky to have great company- it’s an all around win!

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