Plan Ahead

In a perfect world, I would have a kitchen big enough to do a few travelling burpees in.  I’d have a pantry where I could practice my handstand pushups.  I’d use my deep freezer as a box jump.  But, chances are your kitchen setup resembles mine: small.  And you know what they say about small things… you’ve got to get creative!

The first thing I noticed about Paleo was how much actual cooking was involved.  The second was how many dishes I could dirty trying to get dinner to the table.  But, back to the cooking… I have always been a planner.  When I was growing up my dad used to say, “always have a plan, that way you always have something to change”.  I love that quote and use it in every aspect of my life, especially in the kitchen!

The weekend is when I do a lot of my planning.  Mostly because all 5 members of my household are in one central location… tugging at my leg asking, “whats for dinner”??!!!  I usually plan a week of meals and do the grocery shopping over the weekend.  Im the head chef in my family and thank Lord Baby Jesus my husband is the worlds least pickiest eater!!!  So, here it is Saturday afternoon and I have started my menu for the week…

Sat:  commissary sushi for the family (Momma gets to eat out again… I feel a blog a brewing)

Sun: B: taco omelet w/ garlic chives. L: Tahini Chicken Salad (pg 73 in the Primal Blueprint Q&E).  D: Chicken w/ almond coconut dipping sauce (pg 175) and daikon, carrot and brocolli slaw (

Mon: B: bacon and eggs. L: left overs.  D: Ginger beef Salad (

Tue: B:  steak and eggs (left over steak from the night before). L: leftovers.  D: Pork chops and greens (

A huge thing that has helped me in planning my meals out is a tool on my mac computer.  On the top left theres a pair of glasses (reading list).  When I find a recipe Im going to use, I add it to the list.  That way, when Im making dinner, I know where I found it.  Also, writing out my meals and needed ingredients really helps.  Oh, and not taking my kids… that helps too!!

So, theres the plan for the next few day (subject to change).  On Wednesday I am picking up my first package of vegetables from  Ill hopefully make a menu for the rest of the week that night along with another entry about the yummy goodness I get!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trisha
    Jan 24, 2012 @ 08:37:20

    Great post, Jess. And we just got a Mac so thanks for telling me what those little glasses were for! Now I know where I can keep all my online recipes!! 🙂


  2. Auste
    Jan 25, 2012 @ 10:46:16

    Jess, I made the daikon-carrot-brocolli slaw today. I made some changes, because I did not have some ingredients. It was really good. The whole family loved it. Thanks for posting the link!


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