Finally recovered from one of the busiest weeks of the year!   Had some good lessons learned from the last week…

1. Paleo Margaritas (I used Patron) not supposed to be consumed is mass quantity.  The first one tasted “not that bad”, the second through the fifth were super good, but the six one made me feel like there was an acid volcano slowly burning me from the inside.  Too much of a good thing is not always a good thing: lesson learned!

2. Saturday night we had a nice simple dinner: Steak on the webber with spices and I took a hand full of fresh green beans from the commissary, wrapped them in bacon and baked them at 350 for 30 mins.  The following night I had 5 beautiful chicken breasts I had bought from San A over by the Sunabe Sea Wall.  I stared at them for 10 minutes trying to think of something to make.  Finally, I came up with it: STUFF the chicken with the green bean & bacon! It was AMAZING!  We through on some hickory chips to add a smokey flavor and it was a huge hit!  Nothing is actually “left-over”: lesson learned!

3. A few weeks ago we took my youngest son to the doctors to get a sports physical.  I’ve always thought my boy was big, but in a cute kind of way.  The doctor said he was cute in an “obese” kind of way.  If you are a parent, then you know how hard it hurts your heart to have your child labeled.  I knew if I took the time and effort I have done for myself and my body and apply that to my son, I will eventually see results.  This week is the first week of tightening up my kids eating to follow mine.  Sunday night we had a spiral ham from the commissary, on Monday morning I took the slices and cut them into hearts.  I added a small baggie of grapes, 2 slim-jims and a waterfall caprisun.  This lunch was a HUGE hit with my son… however, after a friendly nudge from a friend, I really realized how over processed the tiny little slim-jim can be.  Monday night we marinaded a beef flank steak and dehydrated it over night: homemade Paleo beef jerky!  Even little good things can turn out to be not very good: lesson learned.

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  1. Auste
    Feb 10, 2012 @ 10:33:46

    Chicken looks AMAZING! I am definitely a fan of stuffing things 😉
    As for kids…I am really torn on how much I should clean up their diet. Over time I have introduced more and more eggs into breakfasts. Now they eat them 5 days a week. For dinner I serve what Anthony and I eat. I might have to simplify the veggie sometimes (turnips or brussel sprouts are not their faves yet 😉 My biggest challenge is lunch (especially school lunch). I have been very pleasantly surprised that my 6 year old will eat left over chicken or steak with veggies. But this is the meal where PB&J and pretzels are still pretty common.
    Good luck!


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