OH cod!

I’ve been scratching my head for a few days wondering what I was going to do with the leeks I got from the veggie delivery.  I’ve never cooked with leeks so I googled “paleo leeks” and came across this recipe from paleofood.com.  The frozen salmon at the commissary puts an incredible sadness in my heart (frozen and grey salmon is a catastrophe for an Alaskan girl), so I opted for cod ($3.99 a box).

2 boxes of Colesons Catch Cod Fillets (thawed)

juice of a lemon

juice of a lime

1 tsp grated ginger

I marinaded this on my counter top while I boiled sliced asparagus ($6.04) and the sliced leeks.  I boiled the greens for about 3 minutes (until I could smell them) and then threw them in an ice bath.  I laid the asparagus and leeks down on my stone, removed the cod from the marinade and set it on top.  I baked it at 450 for about 25 minutes.

For a side a threw together a small salad.  I used lettuce I had bought from a stand off of gate 2 street on my way to crossfit  (it was on the left hand side before the turn to the zoo).  THREE heads of lettuce for 100y!  2 of them were iceberg and one was a lot darker (perfect for roll ups).  I also used cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, black olives and avocado.  I even made my own vinaigrette!!!!

1 clove garlic minced and then massaged with garlic salt to make a paste

1 tsp the red pesto

1 tsp the green pesto

1.5T red wine vinegar

1.5T balsalmic vinegar

My son stirred the vinegars, pestos and garlic with a fork in a pint glass while I drizzled in the olive oil.  It made just enough for 5 salads.


A super special friend bought our family a ZOKU for Christmas this year.  It sat under my cabinet for about a month until I finally pulled it out and read the directions!!!  Bottom line- if you have kids and are attempting a paleo (or slightly healthy) lifestyle- this is an awesome dessert option!

I cut the coconut milk with water to thin it out a bit and put it in a re-used water bottle for easy pouring.  I also processed frozen raspberries and did the same for them.  I chopped up some 86% dark chocolate (thank you Jessie) and put it in the coconut layer.  I did this while I was waiting for the cod to bake… now we off to karaoke… enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Tootles- jess.

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