Where a kid can be a kid?

DAY 2: The morning started with a killer headache.  No sugar, no cigarettes and not enough water made this morning creature a crabby camper!!!  For the safety of my children, I downed a 20 oz iced water and got the coffee flowing.  Breakfast was two fried eggs (fried in bacon grease) with a couple slices of cajun turkey and 1/2 an avocado.  Lunch was leftover spaghetti squash and Sarah Fragosos marvelous  Meatballs.  I followed that recipe to a T and loved the meatballs but ended up adding a bottle of tomato sauce to make more sauce for the squash.

A new tool our family has been using is “The Noodle”.  When MC talks back, rolls his eyes, or “ax a foo”, he gets a noodle.  When JR whines or begins his adorable and uncontrollable cry, he gets a noodle.  Every time JY throws her 4 year old body on the floor and crocodile tears squirt from her face- she gets a noodle.  Each child has a glass jar with their names on them.  Throughout the day they collect noodles.  In the morning, over breakfast, we talk about yesterdays noodles.  Once all three kids can go “noodle-free”, they get to choose an activity of their choice.  Noodle free for us was day before yesterday… they chose Chuck-E-Cheese.  Crap.

But a deals a deal!  In the morning BL and I started coming up with a plan.  The best we could come up with was: feed the kids before we go to eliminate the cries for pizza.  At 1600, we all sat down for a curry dinner (by Melissa Joulwan, my new BFF) over a bed of cauliflower rice.  I followed her advice this time and had boneless skinless chicken thighs cooked and ready for insertion.  Dinner took about 30 minutes.  Since Im not a pro photographer (like my next new BFF)… I spared you the visual of our curry.  You’re welcome.

After a delish dinner and a speedy cleanup (funny how the punks LOVE to clean all of a sudden!!!) we were off to their reward!  BL and I stood and stared at the food counter.  BL was actually stroking his goatee while deep in thought.  Veggie tray:

veggie tray

The kids had a blast and since they had full bellies they never even asked about the pizza!!!  Yay!!  After a gazillion coins and 200 tickets we headed off for a new park.  On my way back from CrossfitBrentwood the day before, I had noticed a park I thought the kids might like.  Oh yeah, they liked it!  It turned out to be a sprinkler park!  The kids played, jumped, and ran while BL flew a kite and then it happened.  The jack-in-the-box song. No, not the burger joint.  The nursery song.  And it was getting closer.  It reared its ugly head: the dreaded icecream truck. CRAP!

But, here’s the deal*, I have learned to choose my battles.  Once I saw the nostalgic glimmer in my husbands eyes, I knew I was running solo in my quest for a family to find pure health and fitness.  Out came the wallet, the ice-cream and the smiles.  It was a great moment.  I did not fall off the wagon, however, there might have been a moment where I thought licking the chocolate off of my husbands chin was perfectly appropriate.  I didn’t embarrass my children and stayed the course.

The family made it to day 2…. and for me, day 3 has gone by without a hitch.  Wish I could say the same about noodles.



*A quote from an actual BFF: Jessica Berry.

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