Is it Paleo? Is it Christmas?

Day 3:  Breakfast: scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado and cilantro.  Yes.  I got bright red pork chorizo.  Is it paleo?  Probably not.  My outlook on the whole “is this paleo” question is go with your gut (pun intended).  Chorizo is a traditional mexican breakfast sausage utilizing all of the left over bits and pieces of a pig with a hearty helping of spices.  It is processed.  But, hey, it’s meat.  And chorizo does eliminates needless waste- go green!!!!  Plus, my Abuela would be proud… and that is a win-win in my book!

I wodded at Crossfit Brentwood again.  Again it was an awesome experience.  I got to witness an athlete get his first muscle up!!  Witnessing a crossfit success is so inspiring!  I just love it when great coaching and an ambitious athlete find success!  Way to go Bill!!

Lunch was also a good one!!!  6 hardboiled eggs (diced), 1/4c mayo, 2 spears kosher dill pickles chopped, squirt of yellow mustard, 1/4c diced (super small) red onion, salt & pepper to taste…  mash together, scoop into a leaf of butter lettuce, eat many!  I had three and three triangles of honeydew melon.  I would have taken a picture, but I’m new to this I don’t think of things like that until ten minutes post picture op.  Sorry… I’ll work on that.

Dinner was ah-ah-ah-may-zing!  One of my tallest BFFs, Jessie, said she made this recipe a few months ago and said it was really good… so, I thought Id give it a try.  I remember Jessie saying the commissary didn’t carry dried cherries and she accidently chose cherry infused cranberries and it still turned out awesome.  Well, being in this beautiful country of ours, I found the dried cherries.  The recipe is from Sarah Fragosos book Everyday Paleo…. this book has great information, awesome recipes and even some home wods to get you started!  If you don’t have this one: buy it.  If you already have it, buy 10 of them to give out as Christmas presents.  Seriously, we can’t let Jessie be the only one thinking of Christmas today!!!!

MC getting his mash on!

Dinner w/ a side strawberry salad

 Recap: you know what is paleo right for you, trust yourself and enjoy!!  Dont let your audience be the only one enjoying your victory, you worked hard- enjoy your victory!!  Start Christmas shopping now!!!



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  1. Jessie
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 04:06:49

    Yaaaaay Christmas! Thanks for thinking of me. Love you xoxo


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