New Years, New tears

For our family, 2012 was a woozy!  My husband retired after 25 years of military service, I got to witness the marriage of my best friend, I completed my weight loss goal of 20 pounds, got my first kipping pull-up, went to my first rock concert, my oldest son entered the emotional roller coaster I call “middle school”, I lost my job, we moved to California, I got my job back, we moved back to Okinawa, I completed my first college class in over 8 years, and a few friends became angels.  Busy and emotional.

On New Years Eve, my husband went down to Naha for our date night.  We got all dressed up and enjoyed dinner at a restaurant called Omoro’s House.  Over a bottle of wine, oysters, grilled chicken, pork and beef we strolled and laughed down memory lane and discussed the years to come.

2012-12-31 20.19.22 2012-12-31 20.24.26 2012-12-31 20.47.22

We laughed about how we met in Klamath Falls, Oregon.  We talked about our deployments.  We reminisced about our trips to Brussels, Greece, Spain, Amsterdam and Normandy.  Its amazing… the different details we remember!!  We reflected slowly and intimately on where we have been.

Then we sat in silence and in awe of where we are.  We, have grown.  We have grown like a grape vine: up towards the sun and we have grown together, entertwined.  And even though there are spaces of miscommunication and insecurities between us, we move together.

Weight has been a funny topic in our marriage.  When my husband I were first married, I was a solid 175.  After two babies I stayed around 185.  Last year I reached my weight loss goal of 155.  I didn’t know what impact the weight loss would have on my marriage- both good and bad.  But what I learned was that I am happier at 155 and I am the happiest when I feel the fittest.

Christmas 2005        ….          Christmas 2012

Christmas parties

Which brings me to our son: JR.  He is a happy kid.  He has a smile for days!  Could he possibly be any happier?!?!!!!  I want to find out.  A few months ago he had his BMI measured, it was 23.  Even though 23 is our families lucky number, Im not a fan of it right now.  One of my New Years resolutions is to help my son get to an 18 BMI.  I got him to 23, Ill get him to 18.

We already eat pretty paleo.  He has eggs and meat for breakfast.  We pack his lunch: meat, veggies a fruit and a “waterfall” (capri-sun).  And dinners are usually paleo.  But when JR does get something non-paleo, say at a birthday party or sleep over- he WILL NOT CANNOT stop.  Its almost like he gets possessed by a carb hypnosis!!

New Years 2013

New Years 2013

Another fault is we just haven’t been exercising.  Being at Kadena, there is a limit to available activities.  Right now, JR is not in any organized sport, my gym doesn’t have a crossfit kids program (yet! wink-wink), and its been too cold to go to the beach.  Solution:!!!  I started reading the crossfit journals, watching videos on youtube and implementing the workouts out of our garage.

On New Years Day, my husband and kids picked me up from work in Naha.  We drove around the capitol of Okinawa looking for a park for the kids to play.  We ended up on Camp Kinser.  I still hate Kinser after the 10 mile  race I did there a few years back, but I digress!  We found a park behind one of the towers and I unleashed my three hooligans.

Since I have quit smoking (again)… I cannot stand to be idle.  I walked around the playground, listening and cheering on my kids.  On the other side of the park, there were two men- dads.  One was playing on his ipad, the other staring through the park… nursing a New Years hangover maybe?  The two men didn’t seem to know each other.

I let my kids play, but kept an eye on the two dads.  I picked up my kids and had them hang from the monkey bars.  JY (the littlest one) got to 22 seconds…. JR got 3.  My kids were laughing and giggling.  The two men started watching us.  I chased my two littlest one.  The two men started talking to each other and both stood up.  I asked JR if he wanted to do a “playground wod”.  I talked it over with the husband and came up with:

8 rounds for time:

  • 5 box jumps (on the 5 wide steps)
  • 1 slide (down the slide)
  • 5 pushups (on a ladder)
  • 1 lap round the park

JR was running and twirling and laughing!  (yup, proud moment, a twirling crossfit kid!)  MC, JY, the husband and I cheered JR on!  The two men started picking up their children, I may have even heard a little laughter coming from that side of the park.  JR completed 8 rounds!

We stretched with JR and took a play-break.  When I looked up, the two dads were doing L-sits on the monkey bars with their children!  Pretty damn cool!

Did I encourage these two dads to play with their kids?  Did I bring fitness to the dads brain-housing-group?  I cant answer that.  But what I can say is that last year, this mom would have walked back down to the parking to smoke a cigarette… maybe twice in the half hour we played.

But, that was sooooo last year.  This year, this mom, played with her kids, spread a little crossfit to strangers and then played a family game of tag where she laughed so hard, tears might have ran down her legs!!!!!



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