Every week I plan out our weekly dinners, tonight was supposed to be bbq chicken and grilled zucchini.  Well, the Okinawa weather had other plans for us!  The weather has cooled down a bit, added a few showers and turned the wind on high.  My husband is a faithful Weber griller so we decided to bake our yard bird instead.

For the vegetable, I usually slice the zucchini and sauté my green moons in garlic and coconut oil.  Today I was feeling frisky!  I had purchased “fire roasted diced tomatoes” from the commissary (first time I’ve seen them there) and racked my brain to think of a dish with zucchini and tomatoes: ratatouille!!!!!  After a quick google of “paleo ratatouille” (thank God for google spell check), I found a good one from everydaypaleo!!!!  I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t have any japanese eggplant on hand, so I had to modify it a bit, but it turned out fine!

2013-01-03 17.05.14

After an hour of dicing, slicing, roasting and simmering the plates came to the table and quickly returned back to the kitchen… licked clean!  As soon as dinner was over we laced up our shoes and headed out to the garage.  I had found a tabata song online , bought it through itunes, and briefed JR on the “tabata“!

I had originally planned on JR doing a kettlebell swing tabata, but after doing some practice swings, my husband and I both agreed it would be too heavy.  We decided on a kettlebell deadlift.

JRs Deadlift

I mirrored JR to help him with his posture.  I coached him along and he finished!  His face was flush and he was out of breath but he was smiling!  After a cool down of stretching we pulled out a jump rope.  “Have you done this before, JR?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m not good at that.  It’s too hard.” he replied with his eyes focused on the ground.

“Wanna try?  I’m not good at it either,” I responded.

“Mmm k,” eye contact and a little smile.

My husband and I tried the best we could to describe how to jump rope.  Each of us held a side.  I had him look straight at me and told him to jump when he saw the rope coming towards his feet.  There were a couple of frustrated jumps… but then he got it!  He got 5 in a row!  High-fives all the way around!!  We told JR we were proud of him and asked him if he thought he could get to 10.

“Maybe,” he replied with a genuine smile.

It took a few tries, but then, he found his rhythm.  A big jump, a little jump, a big jump, a little jump.  With a goal, determination and rhythm JR got to 10, then 11, then a smile, 12, 13, 14 & then 15!  The boy who wasn’t “good” at it ten minutes earlier got 15!!!!  So proud of this little dude!

2013-01-03 18.08.13Toodles-



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