the walking dead

Recently my work schedule changed.  Im now a working stiff.  I work Monday through Friday from 8 until 4.  Since I really want to get in decent shape before my Crossfit Certifications I need consistency and a plan.  Last year during my weight loss months I had to work the same shift.  I would get up at 5, take the kids to their day cares by 6:30, get to work by 7:30, get off work at 4, commute for an hour, pick up my kids, wod at 5:30pm, cook dinner at 7 and me and the kids were in bed by 8.  Not much fun, but boy did I enjoy those rest days!!!

This years a bit different.  My husband is home and that helps a ton!  But, I really don’t want to spend the few hours of the evening at the gym away from my family.  Enter the zero 530 wod (it will be listed on the web sites schedule soon).  I’ve only gone a few times, but I can tell you, it’s the best wod in town!  The oh-dark-thirty-group are super welcoming, the coach is stellar and other than a mysterious towel swiper, it is all around an awesome experience.

By the second day midway through the wod I found a rumble in my belly.  I was starving.  So, this morning I cooked up a little fritatta and scarfed down one piece an hour before the warm up.  The bottom layer is browned chorizo sausage (from the frozen section at the commissary) and 10 eggs.  Im sure this is way against the culinary art of cooking eggs, but I add a tablespoon of water to my scrambled eggs for fritattas. The consistency makes me happy.


Dinner this week has been all over the place!  Getting back into a routine after the Christmas break has had some bumps and bruises, but nothing we cant handle!  I tried a butternut soup recipe that cooked in the crock pot for 8 hours.  I made the Traditional one on paleopot.coms site and it wasn’t until it was on the table that I remembered no one likes cinnamon.  Me included.  Bummer.  Next time Im going to do the bacon jalapeno one.  There will be a next time, mark my words!


I added a grilled steak and some broccoli and called it: dinner.

When your’e down, theres only one way to go- UP!  So, I tried another paleopot recipe: Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken.  I remembered the recipe called for an over night marinade only after watching two episodes of The Walking Dead.  Cue last minute draining, patting, chopping and food processing way past my bed time.  I thought for sure I would be a legit zombie in the morning.

Not the case.  I ate my fritatta, did my wod (granted I wasn’t even remotely close to Rxing), contemplated the identity of the towel swiper, drove to work, talked to some planes, and then walked into a quiet house smelling like a mexican sunset!  I havent actually seen a mexican sunset, but I think it would have smelled like my house tonight!  It was awesome!  We topped our juicy, flavorful, mexican sunset chicken with a quick guacamole.  You could have heard a pin drop in our house.

Have I mentioned I have not attended a single culinary class.  I’m gonna have to save that one for next years resolution.


Devoured chicken carcass by humans, not zombies.

Since dinner inhalation was so quick, I had time to pack both boys lunch.  Heres what I did with the left over guac:


Femur bones in zombie goo.



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