Adapt and Overcome

As soon as I found my oh-dark-thirty groove, my schedule changes. Here’s my shocked face: insert eye roll.  I’m working swing shifts (nights) for the next few weeks.  I’ve always enjoyed this shift because I get to have breakfast with my two youngest, can throw dinner together in the crock pot, make it to the gym, make it home to shower, eat lunch, get dressed, get a Starbucks and make it to work early– I feel so accomplished!!

The poopy thing about working swings is I never get to see my oldest, MC. Guess there will be a couple of 5am wake up calls for me to make a hot breakfast in the weeks to come!

Working, crossfitting and raising a family goes a whole lot smoother when I have a plan.  The best tool I have to assist in my mother hen plan is using the crock pot for dinners.  I have enough time in the morning to prep and it’s one less thing my husband has to do.   Since I don’t actually create recipes, I tried a new one from nomnompaleo. Her pictures, her words and her cute little cartoon make this a blog an absolute favorite of mine!  I did her “slow cooker Korean grass-fed short ribs” recipe in part to pay homage to my coworker who I am no longer on crew with: Joe (whose wife makes the  most amazing bulgogi on this planet).

$10.80 for four ribs- OUCH!

$10.80 for four ribs- OUCH!

I followed this recipe to the best of my ability, but I started off fighting an uphill battle: grass-fed ribs… not gonna happen at this commissary.  You’d think since I live on a tropical island I’d have coconut vinegar, well, not so much.  I exchanged the vinegar with some fancy smancy vinegar I got on my trip to Sacramento: Blackberry-ginger Balsamic Vinegar (yes, they ship to APO and they are super fast too!).



Next time I make this I won’t add the chicken broth and when they are done cooking I’m gonna pull them out of the crock pot and slide them under the broiler for a bit cause they were pretty greasy.  But, lets not take away the fact that they were absolutely heavenly!  This will be making a comeback!!!

The last week we have been doing a better job at working out with JR.  In fact, MC has popped his out and asked to join us more than once!  Call it crazy, but Im seeing a difference!  For example, I introduced box jumps to my son, JR less than a month ago.

The wod: 7-5-3

  • box jumps (14″)
  • deadlifts (w/ 8 lb kettlebell)
  • pushups (on knees)

During the first set of box jumps, JR missed…BAD!!  There were tears, ice packs, hugs and scaling: step ups.  He finished in 6:57.  Since then we have been giving JR wods at least twice a week.  On January 5th the box jump was back.

The wod: 4 Rounds for Time

  • 10 sec plank hold (on knees)
  • 8 push ups (on knees)
  • 6 sit ups
  • 4 burpees
  • 2 box jumps

Both MC and JR were wodding together.  My husband and I had decided earlier that JR was going to scale the box jumps and do step-ups.  We went over the skill: the wall ball and then started explaining the wod.  We had Matt do 5 practice box jumps and then told JR that he would be doing step ups.  “No! I do box jumps too!” he snapped.

“Ok, but if you miss, you can go to step-ups,” I replied as gently as I could.

“I wont miss, I’ll do better this time,” he said, his hands on his hips and his chest out.  I think there might have been Superman-spandex under his Angry Birds shirt.


5:52, no misses, all smiles.



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