Coming Off

We are halfway through January and I still see loads of people at the gym and running on base!  Looks like theres lots of people still following through on their New Years Resolutions!  Things are still going strong here, but there has been a few set backs: my schedule change, my husband going back to work, and a little thing called the stomach flu.

Last Friday, JR came home from school saying his “belly felt medium”.  He said when food touched his belly it would hurt.  I kept an eye on him and finally had a doctor take a look the following Weds.  The doctor prescribed him colace and juice… if you catch my drift.

I had been throttling back on the juice because, lets face it, its all sugar.  But, Im bringing it back.  JR gets about 8 ounces with breakfast and with dinner.  The other two have one glass with breakfast.  Once JR gets things “moving” we will drop the evening juice.

On Monday I worked a night shift, so I made breakfast and dinner at 8am.  When I said “I”… I mean, JY and I…

Green eggs and ham: pesto frittata and bacon.  I thought having JY help cook would make her love it.  Not so much.  She said the eggs looked like boogers.  Her words not mine.

Dinner went over a bit better.  I used the Paleo Parents recipe: Bacon & Apple Stuffed Pork Chops.  I like this website because it caters to families a lot more than others.  This recipe was great for us because I did all the chopping, searing and stuffing and all the husband had to do was bake it.

Another nice thing about our mid-week visit to the doctors was the ability to weight JR.  I took his height and weight and crunched the numbers.  JRs BMI is now 21.4.  Thats a .9 change since last month.  The planning, the prepping, the chopping, sautéing, grilling…. and the wodding… its paying off!!!



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