The Next Level

January is just about over.  My husband and I have been wodding with the kids 2-3 a week all month long.  Every SINGLE day the kids get home from school they ask to do a “work out”.  EVERY DAY!  At first it was super cute.  Now, it’s getting over whelming.  I don’t know how to program.  I’m not an expert.

That’s why I love crossfit.  In my “real” life I have to think.  A lot.  Think. Think. Think.  I plan, I prepare, I anticipate.  I go to Crossfit Asia and I get to stop thinking.  I come into the now.  The right now.  Some people have yoga, meditation, running… I have crossfit.  I look at the board (ok, ok… the website the night before) and the thinking has been done for me.  All I have to do is show up.

I don’t know how the programming works.  Not the slightest clue.  But, I’m taking my Crossfit career to the next level in hopes to find out.  The first time I attempted to take my crossfit career up a notch… I failed.  I failed my first ninja test.  I did not know the difference between any of the Oly lifts.  In fact, a week after I failed the ninja test I did a 1/2 of a wod snatching… while the rest of the group did thrusters.  Huge embarrassment moment for me.  I’ve never forgotten what a thruster is from that point forward.

This is what I was supposed to be doing...

This is what I was supposed to be doing…

This is what I was actually doing!

This is what I was actually doing!

I eventually took the ninja test again and passed.   I got crowned: a ninja.  I don’t feel any different… I’m not any cooler, stronger, faster or smarter now that I’m a ninja, but now I know the difference between a snatch and thruster.

Crossfit Asia is having a ninja test coming up.  Even if you “don’t think you’re ready”- GO!  It doesn’t cost anything extra.  Its free knowledge… the only thing you might lose is some pride… but that can be replaced!  The ninja test is this Saturday- the 2nd of February at 1400.

Here is a wod we did at home last week.  This isn’t from the CFK Lesson Plan or from the website.  We just thought it would be fun!

27 January WOD

If you notice an extra midget… we have company!!!

To those taking their fitness to the next level… whether it’s starting a new program, trying Zumba for the first time, logging miles on the roads of Okinawa, taking the Crossfit Asias ninja test, the Crossfit Level One Cert, training for the Crossfit Games or just simply thinking about starting to work out… you. can. dooooooOOOOooo. it!!!  Good luck!

Waterboy can do it... you can too!

Waterboy can do it… you can too!



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  1. haavery
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 02:01:29

    Yay Ninja!


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