The Power of Love

This weekend I went to a concert at the O’Club and I saw “The Groove and Fam”.  They are a 90’s R&B cover band- and they are dope!  Every single person I know loves the 80’s- I do not.  I don’t know why.  I like Dirty Dancing and Top Gun, but thats the extent of my 80’s love… but, the 90s on the other hand- YES!  Give it to me!!!!

90s night

Grooving to this band brought back some memories!  I started looking back at my high school days and it made me sad.  I never told my friends how much they meant to me.  After deploying to Iraq in 2004 I began to become very comfortable with the word LOVE.  If I liked you enough to be excited to see you when I wasn’t expecting to see you, I felt it was completely appropriate to say, “I love you”.

Maybe its maturity or a side effect of being a veteran, but as this Valentine’s Day creeps up on us, Im so thankful that I have found the power, the self esteem and the love… to love.

I have always been a planner- I love me a good to-do list!!!!  But just recently I have started using Melissa Joulwans technique for cooking and making meals.  I looked for her tips in her website but its not as clear as it is in her book, so buy it!!!  Anyhow, I went from making my lists differently to making my lists like this…

2013-02-04 17.10.03

As the items get eaten, they get crossed off.  This has really came in handy when the kids start whining- “I’m huuuuuungry!”

Bulgogi, chicken salad, coleslaw & marinated chicken

Bulgogi, chicken salad, coleslaw & marinated chicken

Because of my rocking good time on Saturday night….

Gin and Tonic Handstand

Gin and Tonic Handstand

My cooking wod on Sunday was postponed until Monday.  BUT, it got done!!!!!

Paleo Chicken Salad

Paleo Chicken Salad

  • left over 1/4 chicken, diced
  • 1/4 cup paleo mayo– made with apple cider vinegar… which made this a very apple cider vingary mayo!!!
  • 1 T tabasco
  • diced celery, onion, cilantro and I really wanted a jalapeno, but the commissary didnt have them…. so I got the one in the picture.  But, it did not make into my salad, I got scared… the grapes didnt make it either.

Blog recap…

  1. 80’s: lame
  2. 90’s: cool
  3. high school friends: Im sorry
  4. everyone: I love you
  5.  gin & tonics + crossfit= gin and tonic handstands
  6. mayo: good… with apple cider vinegar… not so good
  7. cooking wod after 8 hours of work, a 2 hours commute, two elementery sons homework, dinner, dishes: not so good
  8. love: very good



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