Level One

One hell week down, one hell week to go!  I went to the level one cert and was bathed in sweat and knowledge!  Trainers/owners/crossfitters from Ireland, England, Seattle and Portland, Oregon taught the course and they were awesome!

The course was concise and informative without being dry. I wish I would have done this course a year ago, but better late than never!


Yup. That’s me… being very serious!!!!

I met some awesome people this weekend and that’s what really amazes me about this community.  I think its rare to find camaraderie among complete strangers. Yet, some how in these “boxes” across the world, camaraderie, teamwork, passion and skill are colliding to produce what? A generation of health, compassion and spirit?  I hope so!!!!

Next weekend I’m off to Dallas to go through the Crossfit Kids Certificate!  I’m so excited to be able to program for my children… and who knows maybe some day yours!!!!  Here’s some pictures of last weeks wod!  Thrusters and tire runs!

Oh, and after living here for four months we finally unpacked our scale.  I took JRs height and weight and calculated his BMI last week: 20.6.   He is down from 22.3 in December!!!  So proud of this little guy!!!!!!!!

Feb: BMI 20.6

Feb: BMI 20.6



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