Paleo Police

The paleo police.  They are out there, you didn’t know?  They’re waiting for you to pull out of McDonald’s and they WILL arrest you.  They’re at the gym analyzing what kind of protein shake you’re drinking… is it really whey protein???  Did you use soy in your cauliflower rice?  Is that a BPA infected plastic container?  Your eggs arent organic?!?!?  You take fish oil pills?

shut up1

There’s no such thing as the paleo police.  Stop it.  You’ll drive yourself bat shit crazy (trust me on this one).  Granted, there are levels of “paleo”: theres the ones that are so “paleo” they graduated to the term “grok“.  These guys arent messing around and they take their food and life very seriously.


Then theres the “passively paleo”.  These folks do paleo one meal at a time.  I think these folks are scared they might mess up.  I was definately one of these people.

 Eat!  Eat good food and dont stress out about it!

This past weekend was a really long one and I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with my kids.  So, to “reward” them I took them to get ice cream.  Yup.  Ice cream.

I didn’t tell them where we were going until we got there and when the found out they were so excited!  We all literally skipped across the parking lot and made our way inside.  Take that Brady Bunch!

We each had our icecream.  We sat, we laughed, we tasted each others ice cream, we laughed some more and then we left.  It was thirty minutes of stress free fun.  Was it the healthiest choice, no, but it felt good in our hearts and soul.

Two hours later- it was dinner time.  I’ve mentioned before how much I love Thai food, well I made a paleo version of pad thai!  It turned out awesome!

paleo pad thai

Not ONE of my three kids touched dinner.  JR complained of a belly ache, MC said he wasn’t hungry, and JY looked me straight in the eye and said “no thank you”.  Hmph.  The paleo police might not be real people stalking our culinary moves, but I think the best policing is the feeling we get in our tummies and our hearts.



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