Back to my back

My back to back Crossfit certifications are complete!  I have learned A LOT over the past 14 days.  The first was the Crossfit Level One Certification.

“Weight in your toes”, “lumbar curve”, “posterior chain” all took on new meaning.  I felt like I had the opportunity to dissect everything I have learned through Crossfit Asia’s boot camp and ninja test intimately.

A few things I learned:

  • never underestimate a good warm up
  • “unweighted” movements are just as hard as a 1 rep max (when you concentrate on perfecting the movement)
  • Crossfit Asia’s competitors can make a mean lunch
  • I hate Fran
  • Programming should be its own career field
  • Cool downs are COOL!


After the long weekend of the Level One cert I went to the 0530 wod.  It was a good one!  I felt good!  The first part was to find a 1Rep max of the back squat… I PR’d (Personal Record) by 20 pounds!  After the wod, I took my time and I actually cooled down for the first time… ever.  I stretched.  I used the roller.  I was completely cool by the time I drove to work.

Womans Health back squat

I drove 45 minutes to work.  Parked.  And then got out of my car.  Then I felt it.  Pain.  Real-unbridled pain.  I felt like there was hot cattle prod inserted into my lower back.  I couldn’t stand up right.  It hurt to walk.  I turned right around and went to the ER.  The ER doctor wanted to know more about crossfit than my actual injury but assured me with 10 days “light duty”, some motrin and flexeril that I’d be good to go.

I felt back to normal on Weds.  I returned to wod at 0530 Friday morning.  4 days was good enough, right?  WRONG!  After warming up (taking my sweet time of course) I decided a good long stretch on the GHD would help loosen up my lower back.  SUPER WRONG.  I got stuck.  Real stuck.  Thank goodness for an awesome trainer and an awesome friend…. I went home in more pain that I had been in on Monday.  My flight from Okinawa, Japan to Dallas, TX was in four hours.


This time I followed doctors orders: ice, flexeril, heat, motrin, rest.  Then I flew.  Uncomfortable doesn’t even start to describe it.  But, I made it.  I landed on time, grabbed a taxi and checked into my hotel.   I asked the shuttle to do a little “drive by” of the box and then I went to bed.

I woke up at 0200.  Wide awake and in pain.  The first day of the Crossfit Kids Course was a blur.  I was jet lagged and in pain.  Not a lovely combination.  But, I managed to connect to another mother/trainer and we hit it off.  She had made friends with another trainer and we out to dinner… Thai of course!

I slept in until 0220 the next morning  feeling 99%!  I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!  The second day was a blast: information, games, statistics, videos and more opportunities to connect with “like-minded people”.  Things I learned from the CFKs course:

  • all kids (and adults) like to have FUN
  • kids have their own language and I am not fluent
  • I have been training my kids ALL WRONG!

The last one: I have been training my kids all wrong, is true.  I learned technique, words, and cues to teach my kids that will actually translate to kids language!  Instead of getting frustrated I will be able to use these tools to really bring the FUN into Crossfit Kids.  The biggest thing is that over the past 7 weeks we have been working out with JR 2-3 times a week.  In seven weeks, JRs BMI has gone from 22.3 to 20.6.  Even though my coaching ability was nill-he still moved.  And I think that’s the key: movement.  Any movement!

So, as my Mommy-vacay continues… I too am on the move…



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