Crossfit Kids

I signed up for the Crossfit Kids (CFK) course four months ago. When the course showed up on I started planning my Mommy-vacay!!!!

The course was two days long and was at Crossfit Strong in Dallas, Texas. I arrived at the course about 45 minutes early and I was greeted by Erik. He welcomed me warmly and introduced me to the rest of the team: Ali, Keegan and John.

I told Erik I had flown in from Okinawa and a huge smile stretched across his face, he licked his lips and said, “mmmm, garlic chicken!”

Once the seminar got started I could tell this was where I wanted to be. The energy in the instructors was infectious. After an hour or so of lecture we broke up into groups and played a game. Since my back was still hurting I sat out but I couldnt help watching on with a silly grin-it was awesome seeing everyone playing!

The overall theme of these two days was: FUN!  The lectures seemed to go a lot faster than the one from the Level One.  The outline of the course mirrored the Level One seminar but the delivery of the CFK course was informative and fun!

The instructors talked about the science behind CFK… Yes, the science. Sounds like a yawn fest, but actually very enlightening. How kids learn, the process of developing neurons and the connection between activity level and brain activity…. Totally interesting!

When training my kids in my garage I felt like I was missing something. There were times when JRs smile was a visual clue of his body just going through the motions. I finally found out why: I wasn’t fluent in kid-language. The CFK seminar taught me how to speak: kid!

We went through each fundamental movement: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, dead lift, sumo dead lift high pull, hang power clean, shoulder press, push press, push jerk and the thruster. They broke down each movement “Mickey Mouse” style.

The CFK instructors lectured about programming, safety, nutrition, and the most uncomfortable topic: protecting kids from predation. Even when the topics became uncomfortable, the instructors presenting the information in a professional and educational way that made the information not feel as intimidating.

The most fun was the games! Every few hours we would break up into groups and play games. One of my favorite was “musical medicine balls”. A bunch of grown ups crab walking, skipping, side stepping until the music stops– hilarious!!!!

I learned a lot over the weekend, got to make a few new friends and most of all- I had fun! If you ever get an opportunity to take this course- DO IT!!! Take the two days and let FUN in your life to help shape the futures of our little people.



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  1. Trisha
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 19:29:53

    Thanks for writing this. I’ll be very interested in hearing about how your journey goes w your kids. I would love to do something like this w my little ones!


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