Kids on my mind

My Mommy-vacay has come to an end. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but BOY I had fun!

Beginning at the Crossfit Kids seminar I instantly wished I had a friend to hang with.  As luck would have it (before the course even started) a gal came up to me and introduced herself: Jamie.  She asked if I was staying at the same hotel as her… I was (that makes stalking so much easier)!!! She was incredibly friendly and very skilled at networking but I was still able to invite myself (its a skill) to dinner (Thai, duh) with her and another of her new friends, Nick.

CFK Dallas, TX

CFK Dallas, TX

We each took turns telling our crossfit story. Jamie didn’t own a gym and neither Nick, but both were trainers. Jamie had kids, Nick did not. After an hour of green curry, tom yum soup and Thai iced teas I finally found our common thread: the importance of fitness and crossfit is the best tool for both adults and children.

One third of children in America are obese. Two thirds of American adults are obese.

In my search online for other parents trying to cure this disease from home I came across a few blogs that have discussed their disgust with an article written in Vogue magazine about a mom who put her seven year old daughter on a diet.

Uh oh.

I found the authors name and did a YouTube search and found her in a few interviews. In the interviews Lara was defensive and a bit brash. I also found out this controversial mom wrote a book: The Heavy.

mmm... sprinkles!

mmm… sprinkles!

I downloaded and read it from front to back. She is brash. But what 301 pages did what a three minute interview could not do was reveal her sincere love for her daughter, Bea. Beas annual check up revealed a BMI of 22.3.

Uh oh.

Moms goal was to get her daughter to a “normal” BMI of 18.

Uh oh.

But this is where my similarities to this Mom end.

Only one half of one chapter talked about fitness. In these few pages Lara defended her stance on fitness: 100% against fitness. She even sited two articles supporting her ideas. One article went on to debunk the “hunter gatherer” idea of fitness. But then, for some reason, mom enrolled her daughter in gymnastics and biweekly karate classes. Gymnastics and karate? Interesting choices.

Gymnastics and karate, you say?!!?!??!

Gymnastics and karate, you say?!!?!??!

Her “diet” was filled with processed food, restriction and a “back pocket” load of calorie counting. It sounded very tedious and incredibly stressful.

Although my approach to health and fitness for my children drastically differ from Lara’s, one thing is the same: it’s controversial.  Thankfully I have been blessed enough to be surrounded by friends and family who may not understand what I am doing, but understand why.  And support us.

The theme of my Mommy-vacay was fun. It’s fundamental in life, love, parenting, fitness, friendship, and food.

Thank you crossfit kids for the reminder.


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