The Crossfit Games have begun!!!  Wahooooo!!!!!!  Wait.  What are the Crossfit Games?

Since I’ve been crossfitting for three years you’d think I would know all about the games.  I don’t.  I never gave it a second thought until one cold Saturday morning, I sat with my iced Americano and I watched as the Level One trainers describe (apparently) a crossfit God: “Jason Khalipia”.  They spoke so highly of him as if he were a dear friend.  Im no expert, but if I know the level one trainer and the level one trainer knows Jason Khalipia…. I now know Jason Khalipia!!!!!!  Right?  Six degrees of separation, right?  Go with it!



Well, ok, I don’t actually know Jason Khalipia.  But, I really like saying that name… seriously, try saying it out loud: Jason Kah-lee-pah!  Sounds good, huh?!?!  Well, I found a little bio on him: married, a father and a crossfitter.  Cool, I guess… but to top it off he is a guest coach on The Biggest Loser!!  STUD!!

Anyways, searching his name got me on an internet voyage to find out more about the exclusive Games. Heres the readers digest of what I learned:

The games started in 2007 with the winner walking away with 500 bucks.  Since then crossfit has gotten all high-tech, reorganized a bit and the 500 dollar prize money is a thing of the past:

A total of $1 million in prize money is awarded to athletes in 11 divisions, with $250,o00 awarded to winners in the individual division, $30,000 awarded to the top team and $3,000 awarded to winners in each of the eight masters divisions.

Big jump in 6 years, huh!?!?  Good for crossfit, but where do I fit in?

I’m never (ok, maybe not never) going to compete in the games. Why should I throw my twenty dollars into crossfits pocket?  Well, just like juju— it’ll come back to me, that’s why!  Crossfit takes health and fitness (and safety) seriously.  Studies are done and redone and done again.  Equipment is built, broken, and rebuilt.  After years and years of ideas bouncing around in Greg Glassmans brain housing group he finally got the money to test his theories.  Now, all I have to do: show up!

The games begin with the “Open”.  Everyone can participate in the open (for previously said 20 bucks).  The crossfit games release a new workout every Friday for five weeks.  You can do the work out just for shits and giggles, or you can have it judged.  If you have it judged, you can upload that information into the games “leaderboard”.  Lets put this in perspective:

Go to http://games.crossfit.com//… you’ll see the leaderboard.  Who is in third place (do this now… hurry before it changes)?  Yup.  I “know” him.  Stay with me here… now, click on “show filters”.  Change the division to “individual women” and change the region to “Asia”.  Come on… the suspense is killing you, huh?!!?!?  Ok, here’s the fun part… keep clicking the page numbers… 2, then 3… keep clicking, 12… then 18, ok skip a few… as of right now I’m on page 21.  Whatevs.  I’m on the same website as Jason Khalipia.  BOOM!

That makes me smile… top and bottom row of teeth smile!

Ok, so the Open is happening right now!  The workout was called 13.1 (yup, next week will be 13.2, clever, huh?!?!).  After five weeks, the leaders of each division (there’s 17 divisions) will go to “Regionals”.  Each member of the team will also do each of the 5 workouts and the top 30 teams will advance to the regionals.  Asia will host regional in Korea this year.

At Regionals the workouts get more and more heinous.  A team is made up of three men and three women.  Some wods only use two athletes and some wods use all.  All the wods occur over three days.  Eek!  What happened to a rest day!?!?  Oh, wait “Fittest in the WORLD”!!!!!

The top three teams from the Regionals will go to the Crossfit Games Affiliate Cup.

cf games

The next five weeks are going to awesome to be apart of, not because I’m going to smash world records, but because the atheletes at my box are!!!  As of right now we have 2 women from RCFA in the top 15 of all of Asia!!!!  I know these girls… I’ve seen them in real life!  Its somethings special to able to cheer on an athlete who just might now my name too!



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