10m AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

  • 5 shoulder to overhead 75# (pounds)
  • 10 deadlift 75#
  • 15 boxjumps

The games posted a live video of 13.2 with Iceland Annie and Lindsey Valenzuela doing the wod head to head.



Ok, so there was some controversy on form… whatevs… that was ah-mayzing!

As soon as the wod came out I started to let it sink into my brain housing group.  Shoulder to overhead: 75 pounds.  I know I’ll end up split jerking.  75 deadlifts: give it to me.  Box jumps: FML.

As these three movements swirled around my brain I got a message from a buddy from my old Guard days.  He posted this article:

High Rep Box Jumps Are Stupid

By Epic Beastmode on March 14, 2013

If you were wondering how you might go about destroying the strongest and thickest tendon in your body, a simple way to achieve this feat would be to perform high rep box jumps. Sup, Crawzfitterz. It’s your old pal, Epic Beastmode temporarily out of hibernation to give my annual public service announcement to the kool-aid tards who wanna boing boing their way through 13.2 despite the inherent risk of injury.

Take a minute.  Read it.  Click on the links.  Enjoy the pictures, the animation and especially the F-bombs!!  I found the article freaking hilarious!  Of course, I have great fondness for potty mouths and bad ass pictures!!

For me, jumping on and off the box has happened… um, never.  I’m a step down kind of girl.  And like I’ve said before… I’m not going to shatter any records.  But, I am going to show up.

I finished the wod with 177.  My goal was to not drop the bar during the shoulder to overhead.  I dropped it on my last one.  Meh.  177 is a whole lot more than zero.

13.2 RCFA

13.2 RCFA

What was sweet about doing 13.2 was watching the other heats.  Everyone had their own “style” it was awesome to get to cheer them all on!  One guys shoe laces came undone during his first round.  He looked like a real competitor and I wondered if he was going to stop and tie them…. nope.  He kept going!  STUD!

Speaking of studs.  After 13.2 I went on an awesome date night.  My husband and I went out to dinner, had a few adult beverages and ended the night at Kaca-fe’.  If you havent been to this cafe.  Do it.  Do it now.  Do it for date night.  Do it for a day out with the family.  Take the kids.  Take your girlfriends… go!  This cafe is located on Gate 2 street… conveniently on your way to RCFA!!  Their “best grilled cheese sandwich in the world”… is exactly as advertised!  Ok, so it’s not paleo.  Eat it on your cheat day.


I took the whole family to watch the set up for the St. Pattys day parade.  They had the grilled cheese and I had the spicy chicken… no rice, and an iced coffee.  Ahhhhhh-mayzing!

Id also like to mention that Kaori’s Gin & Tonic and Plum sake’ IS. THE. BEST. IN. THE. WORLD!!!!!!



Another unique quirk about this little gem is there is a “drinking wod”.  Yes.  A “drinking wod“!!!!!!   Let your hair out of that sweat band and do it!!!!


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