13.3 (AKA 12.4) 10 min AMRAP

  • 150 Wallballs 14#, 9″ target
  • 90 double unders
  • 30 muscle ups

What I love about this workout is that it’s an AMRAP.  As many rounds as possible… really?  Who in the world can do more than one round!??!

THIS CHICK!Samantha Briggs

Samantha Briggs

According to the games Leaderboard, Samantha Briggs did one round AND 53 more wall balls!!  Huge shout out to her bad a$$ness…. oh, and to top it off… she’s a fire fighter.  No big deal!

Since I am not an elite athlete I dreaded this workout.

Wallballs: a short girls nightmare.  Ok, so I’m 5’6″…. I still hate them.  As the trainers discussed the workout, I made the comment, I don’t know why I even brought over a jump rope.  My goal is 120 wall balls.  I had done 100 wallballs to an 8 foot target in 10:42 last year.  Realistically, I would have been pleased with breaking 100.

Double unders.  Really.  Like I said….  I had no intentions on making it to the peeing experience.

Muscle ups.  The holy grail.  A gal who just completed Reebok Crossfit Asias boot camp mentioned she had never tried a muscle up.  Uh, yeah, me neither.  I’m going to save that for my “Master Years”.

Debbie Downer

I went into this work out in a foul mood.  Straight up bitter…  total Debbie Downer.  Then I saw her.  My idea of a Crossfit girl: strong & beautiful.  She’s a wife, a mom, a crossfitter and I swear she is as beautiful as the sun.  They call her: Hannah.

Just seeing her put me in a better mood… we chatted for a few minutes and I left the conversation just happy.  I swear I wanted to clap my hands- I was that happy.  Then the coaches went through the movements of the workout and assigned judges.  I got: Hannah!

Hannah started Crossfit a couple of years ago and has worked her tail off to move her pointer to “fitness”.  Whats interesting about Hannah is that my crossfit career started a bit before hers… and I am still struggling with finding “wellness”.  Hannah and I both got our first pull up on the same day.

April 19th, 2012

April 19th, 2012

Even though she surpassed my health goal, there is not an ounce of jealousy or competition in my heart, all I have is absolute awe.  She’s done it.  And I got to watch it.

Crossfits model of fitness

Crossfits model of fitness

As I set up my ball, I told her my goal was 120 wallballs.  I asked her to count by tens for me.  I don’t know if she was counting or not, but at some point in those excruciating 10 minutes, I heard her say: 130.  I threw a few more wall balls.  Took a break.  A sip of water.  Few more wall balls.  Another break.  I couldn’t really make out the words that were coming out of Hannah’s mouth, but I know my heart and spirit felt encouraged.  Like I could actually keep going.  And so I did (between my breaks).

150!!!!!!!!  I had 13 seconds left on the clock: doube unders.

double unders

Four attempts… and I got one.  I got a double under!

Since my soul was leaking from my pores and I had to change my pants… I hustled home.  I never thanked Hannah.  Hopefully I can make it up to her by doing an “interview blog” on her crossfit journey!



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  1. Mary Catherine
    Mar 24, 2013 @ 03:28:20

    I loved your 13.3 story — very well written. It’s true that everything goes sort of fuzzy and you are squatting and throwing, squatting and throwing.. I was sore for three days after that work out!

    Making it through the wall balls is awesome! Congrats!


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