It’s about time for a good spring cleaning!!  We still have a few boxes to unpack from our move back in October, the winter clothes need to be replaced by summer dresses, and the weight that I have put on over the past 9 months has got to GO!

It’s not much (10#), but I feel it.  And it doesn’t feel good.  I’m dedicating the month of April to “The Whole 30“.  My spring cleaning is going to start in my gut!!!!  I blogged about my first attempt and that lasted a whole four days.  This time I’m going to go at it with a different approach: follow through.

As I said before, I wanted MC to do 13.2:

10m AMRAP:

  • 5 shoulder to overhead (35#)
  • 10 deadlift (35#)
  • 15 box jumps


2013-03-23 08.49.17

4 Rounds + 26

After his 13.2, I took him in the back yard and coached him on his new obsession: basketball.  I went through the basics with him because this is the first year he’s ever played organized basketball.  The word that was beat to death was: follow through.

Then I started thinking about it: follow through.  Whether it’s basketball or in life, following through is so important.  So, I took a reflection moment and looked at my New Years Resolutions.  I have written a few hand written notes, but my list is getting longer!!  The choreographed dance… well, here it is:

Ok, so it’s not really “choreographed”… but it’ll do!

Smoking.  Day 5.  Again.  Follow through.  The first quarter of 2013 is almost over… time for me to start following through.

Eating paleo has gotten a lot easier but one thing I have never done was paleo-tize things.  I’ve never made “paleo-cookies”, “paleo-bread”, ect.  It’s never really struck me as “paleo” eating.  But then I had one of Suz’s “paleo muffins”.  And. It. Was. Good!!  The best part was my stomach didn’t toss and turn!

So, I thought to myself, what do I miss the most.  Wheat thins.  Yes.  Wheat thins and cream cheese bell pepper relish dip.  Ok, well, my first stop: paleo crackers.

  • 2 cups almond flour (not coconut… trust me)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 T Olive Oil (I used blood orange olive oil… yes, I think it made a difference)
  • 1 T fresh minced rosemary
  • 1/2 t salt

Preheat oven to 325.  Mix the egg and oil together first.  Then add the rest and knead.  Put the ball of yummy goodness between to pieces of parchment paper (no, saran wrap will not work) and roll out with a rolling-pin.  Roll it pretty thin.  Then cut it.  I put mine on a Pampered Chef stone… bake, carefully for 15-20 minutes.  I removed the brown ones as time went along as not to burn anything.

Like a Wheat Thin

Like a Wheat Thin

But different.

But different.

Then (dramatic pause) I made…. bacon jamBacon. Jam.  I’m so stoked about bacon right now, I have even started watching the tv series “The Following“.  More bacon for me!!!  I also used zenbellys blog for the bacon jam.

2013-03-14 17.56.25

Commiscary syrup, honey from a friend who brought it back from “down under”.

2013-03-14 17.10.50

Japanese bacon

2013-03-14 17.21.39

Dark Magic coffee

2013-03-14 17.10.56

More Japanese bacon!

2013-03-14 17.29.11

2013-03-14 20.51.18 Fryin’ that bacon!

Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs



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