13.4: 7 min AMRAP:

  • 3 clean and jerk 95#
  • 3 toes to bar
  • 6 C&J
  • 6T2B
  • 9 C&J
  • 9 T2B… you get the idea

Toes to bar.  Sounds easy.  Put your toes to the bar.  Remember, folks, this is crossfit.  Toes have to actually touch the bar… and at the same time.  I have done T2B in wods before but I have never actually touched my toes to the bar.  Its more of an upside down spastic cartwheel.  Not cute… but it counts.  Well, it HAS counted… today, not so much.

My judge came over and introduced himself and ask me what my “strategy” was.

Strategy?  Um, no.  Nope.  No strategy here.

They he asked, “what’s your 1 rep max of the clean and jerk?”.


“Toes to bar?”

Toes to bar (T2B)

Toes to bar (T2B)


What do you mean, nope?”

I mean, I have never actually touched my toes to the bar.

“Lets change that.”

The judge jumped up on the bar and demonstrated effortlessly.  Then I tried.  Nope.  Then he described what I could have done differently: “lean your head back”.   Then I tried again.  Nope.  Then another coach came over and said the exact same thing in a female voice.  I shrugged my shoulders and gave it one more go.  I got it!!!  I got my toes to the bar.  At the same time!!!!!!!

Going into the wod I did not have a “strategy”, but I did have a goal: to get to double digits.  I did it.  I got 15.  So, 15 isn’t the strongest number, but I got my first T2B… and during the wod I strung two of them together: twice!


I mentioned on my last few posts that I am doing the Whole 30 for April.  I eat mostly paleo anyways, but lately, I have felt my eating has gotten too loose.  When my eating habits (diet) gets too loose, my pants become too tight.  And let me tell you…. they.are.tight!  I’m very excited to try the whole 30 again for a few reasons:

  1. To detox my body
  2. To eliminate gut rot…. just sounds gross!
  3. To be free of addiction (processed foods, nicotine, and alcohol)
  4. To try new recipes
  5. To have new before and after pictures

If you have ever wondered what the “Whole 30” is, check it out: The Whole 30 Program.

In closing, I just want to point out… on the Crossfit Games site…. Under women… and Asia… on page 2 (ok, there are only two pages)… I am number 62.  Double digits.



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