I had my menu for the week all planned out.  What I didn’t plan on was my alarm clocks April Fools joke.  My alarm is normally set for 0401.  When my alarm is not set- it displays the date.  Oh, alarm clock, you’re so funny. NOT!

Yesterday morning was complete chaos, all three kids were up, the husband tried to steer clear of my war path and to top it off- I didn’t get to start the crock pot.  Day two and we were headed for failure.  The nice thing about this time around is the husband is on board 100% with OUR whole 30!  During my lunch break, I called my husband in a panic: What are we going to do about dinner?  Both boys have basketball practice, we wont be home until 7- it’ll be too late to cook!

“Dont be poopy, we can go to Naps.” He’s as cool as the other side of the pillow.

It’s a date.  After practice we took a table for five and stared at each other while sucking on our ice water.  Then the music went soft and a neighboring table ran out of ketchup.  Loudly.  My party of five exploded with laughter: “Ew, he FARTED!!!”  The whole restaurant started giggling!



Earlier that same day I wodded by myself.  The 1st part of the wod was a clean, a hang clean and two front squats.  I have a tendency to “lose my middle” on the front squat and Jamie and Keiko went into great detail about how to “keep it tight”: GO POOP without pooping!

Then it got me thinking… about my “paleo poop” theory.  It’s this theory that I have.  Well, it’s a website too… paleopoop.com…. check it out- its got to be good- it was “Seen on TV”!!  Ok, ok, back to my theory of paleo poop.  Going “clean”, going “paleo”, changing your eating habits is going to change your poop.  Common sense, right?  Well, kinda.

The first time I went strict paleo M-F I would not poop all week.  But on my cheat day, as soon as I took that first bite of bagel or doughnut, I could feel my stomach turn– then it was a mad dash to the ladies room!  I’m not a scientist, nutritionist or food expert, but I think my body learned how to use food properly.  I wonder if back in The Croogs day they went poop every single day– kinda seems like a health hazard!?!?

An aspect I love about Crossfit is the “crossfit way”.  We don’t do pull ups, we do kipping pull ups.  We don’t do push ups we do hand release push upsSnatch… get your head out of the gutter!!  Crossfit has a way to eat: paleo… and now they have a way to poop: the squatty potty (the squatty potty isnt “promoted” by crossfit… Ive just noticed on a bunch of crossfitters blogs their admiration of the squatty potty).

Interesting, huh?  I know when I have talked to my doctors about (whisper voice) constipation the first thing they always say is, “are you eating enough fiber?”.  Maybe fiber has never been the issue.  Anyways, back to my paleo poop theory… when I’m eating clean I don’t “go” as often, but when I do its easy.  No belly rumbles, no pushing, no constipation… my thoery: Paleo poop is the best!




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  1. Trisha
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 12:57:24

    I love this! Poop is an ongoing topic in my household & I have seen dramatic improvements in everyone’s bathroom visits since we switched to whole foods. I don’t think I’m be jumping on the squatty potty wagon just yet tho… 🙂


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