GMOs: Cereal. Killers.

GMOs.  What are they?!!?!?  Where are they?!?!?!  I’ve been learning a bit on GMOs since learning about them from my SIL.  Recently, I reflected on my high school biology career… I failed biology 2 years in a row.  Maybe this isn’t the topic for me. But, then again, you can get information in a video- and I LOVED movie day!

Dont have time for 2 1/2 hours of video?  No?  You’re in luck: heres pictures!



6 months ago in California Proposition 37 (required labeling of food products made from GMOs) was axed.  $47,000,000 (thats MILLION) was donated to oppose this measure.  There has been lots of pictures on facebook with lists of GMO users (the BAD GUYS):

This was sent to Stephanie by her Mom as a pamphlet.

This was sent to Stephanie by her Mom as a pamphlet.

Bad bad guys

snopes says these companies are not owned by “Monsanto” but these companies use products developed by Monsanto.

Potato: Potato.

Heres the happy list:


Follow me here- I’m going out on a limb… I started watching a new show: The Following.  The show is about a serial killer, Joe Carroll,  who is the leader of a serial killing cult.

The Monsanto

The Monsanto

I have nicknamed Joe Carroll: The Monsanto.  Monsanto… cereal?!?!  Anyone!?!??  Watch the show, let me know what you think!!!

Ok, back to real life…

Both of my boys are playing organized basketball.  After every game a different parent is in charge of sending the kids home with a snack.  First off: why do we need a snack after 16 minutes of exercise and secondly: chips, Gatorade, doughnuts, and granola bars just doesn’t feel like an appropriate “snack”.  I’ve called on my facebook homies to help me out on a fun and healthy snack… more to follow!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lindsey
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 11:55:41

    Hehehe…I don’t know what the following is but I do like cereal and I do like that song! We’re those the questions!?


  2. pacificallypaleo
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:09:37

    LOL!!! Thanks, Lindsey!


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