Whole 30 KISSed goodbye

It was an 80’s party and I hate 80s parties.  Trying to recreate my fashion statements as a 6-year-old is not what I consider “fun”.   But, it was a homecoming for two brothers.  And my outfit was in fact, amazing. **Make-up by Haley**



I mentally prepared myself for the party: No drinking.  I think I had convinced 89% of myself that I could pull this outfit off without drinking.  Then I saw the kitchen counter: guacamole, fresh salsa, spinach artichoke dip and chicken buffalo dip.  I’m not going to be able to use my paleo ribs to dip… it’s got to be a chip.  If I’m gonna have one, might as well have 20.  If I’m going to have chips, might as well wash it down with a gin and tonic.  Riding that slippery slope!


I woke up in the morning, hung over, bloated and slightly embarrassed… but I didn’t feel guilty.  I know I had a lot of supporters around me but in the end this is my body… my journey.   I stepped on the scale: 160.5.  I lost 4.5 pounds in one week.  I learned quite a few lessons during my 20 day journey:

  1. The Whole 30 or eating clean is a lot easier when your spouse is on board
  2. I conquered my fear of kale
  3. Found out what a plantain is… and what it isn’t
  4. I became more proficient at washing dishes
  5. Realised what works for me.

Overall the Whole 30 was a great experience!  I felt better.  I felt stronger.  My clothes fit better.  My mood was more stable.  But it was tough.  Will I do it again?  Probably not.

What works for me is eating paleo Monday through Friday… final answer.

Last week I posted my attempt at frying plantains.  I followed the directions… I fried them… I ate them… they tasted like fried bananas.  The following day I went to the commissary and saw a sign: Plantains.  Hmmm, not what I thought.  Woops!

The plantain has a sticker... that says: Plantain!

The plantain has a sticker… that says: Plantain!

The baby bananas is what I fried the day earlier… the larger banana is a plantain.  Noted.  I sliced the new “plantain” fried it in coconut oil and voila- plantain chips!   Crispy, conveinent and does not tasted like a fried banana!!

Yesterday at RCFA the wod was: Kelly.  5 rounds for time: 400 meter run, 40 box jumps and 40 wall balls…. with a 30 minute cut off.  I got 4 rounds plus the run- and an idea: this would be a perfect CFKs workout!

Kellys Little Sister: 5 rounds for time for MC, 4 rounds for time for JR, 3 rounds for time for JY

  • 300m run
  • 15 box jumps (step ups for MC, jumps for JR & JY)
  • 15 wall balls (basketballs for MC & JR, bouncey ball for JY)

Scaling is absolute favorite thing about crossfit: Anyone can do it.







Crossfit Kids Kokoro

Crossfit Kids Kokoro




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