A Sunday win

Not every day is a win.  For me, its been month.  I’ve noticed that JRs belly has been protruding a bit more than usual, my pants are a bit tighter and our unison as a family has been “off”.  Maybe its been the indulging from the fail of the Whole 30, maybe the chaotic schedule, maybe it’s the weather… whatever it has been- it changed this weekend.

The weekend started with my husbands birthday on Friday and was followed up by having both Saturday and Sunday off!  The husbands birthday gift came in early Saturday morning:

I ordered through Rogue Fitness who have a website set up specifically for APO deliveries!  I ordered it April 7th and it arrived May 11th.  Not bad!!!!  We will definitely order through them again!

We were both able to attend both boys’ basketball games- I even got to see MC make his first basket (BL was taking JY to the bathroom, bummer)… I cried!  I was so proud of him; it was awesome seeing his hard work pay off!!!

On Sunday, my bed was infiltrated by my minions at 6am.  But, hey, they came toting gifts!  From MC: a jar of hand-made sugar scrub.  From JY: a paper mache’ flower-pot.  From JR: a hand-made card where he claims his mother weighs 84 pounds and her job is “cleaning“; nice!   I consumed my cup of coffee, we changed into PT gear and headed to the garage.

WOD:  Jackies Little Sister; For Time:

  • 1000m row
  • 30 thrusters 16#
  • 10 handstand holds for three seconds


WOD: Jackies Little Sister; For Time:

  • 500m row
  • 30 thrusters 16# then to 8#
  • 5 handstand holds for three seconds


WOD: Jackies Little Sister; For Time:

  • 200m row
  • 20 thrusters 8#
  • 5 handstand holds for three seconds


All three kids took to the rowing machine like it was second nature!    It was also nice letting the kids wod one at time- it gave each kid cues from both parents!  The husband and I did Jackie, too; I subbed pull-up with 3 second hand stand holds and the husband subbed pull-up with hand stand push ups.

All in all, a great Mothers Day!



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