Regionals 2013

Regionals has begun.  For me, this means watching updates and pictures on facebook… like this:



As of right now, Team Crossfit Asia (four boys: Brent, Sam, Naoya & Branden and three girls: Kristen, Christen and Tara) is in a feisty first place after 3 events.  The coolest thing about this team is there a husband and wife together on the team!!!! 

Working Regionals out as individuals from Reebok Crossfit Asia is: Hannah, Keiko, Billy, Matt, Clay & Neil!  Even though I havent met some of these guys, being apart of a box who is sending athletes to compete as the “Fittest on Earth” is pretty damn awe-inspiring!!

The workouts for the individuals for Friday was:

  • Jackie (1000m row, 45# thrusters 50 reps, & 30 pull-ups)
  • 7 min ladder of 3 overhead squats
  • for time: 30 burpee muscle ups


  • For time: 100 wall balls,100 chest to bar pull ups, 100 one-legged squats (alternating), & 100 one-armed dumbbell snatches (alternating)
  • 21-15-9 deadlifts & box jumps


  • For time: 100 double unders, 50 handstand pushups, 40 toes to bar, 30 shoulder to overhead with axle, 90 ft walking lunge with axle
  • Four rounds for time: 15 ft rope climb (twice), 100 ft sprint, 4 squat cleans, 100 ft sprint

Seriously.  These folks are going to do more in three days (with jet lag) than I did in the whole month of May!!!!  I should apologize for the comparison, but I’m not going to do: it’s the truth.  I could beat myself up for not being more consistent or disciplined, but I’m not going to do that either.  I’m going to by-pass the pity party and watch these athletes show off their hard work, discipline and determination!!

Go get ’em LADIES AND GENTS!!!!!!!!!!!




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