100 mile club

At the beginning of the school year, JR signed up for the 100 mile club.  At first I thought it was an awesome idea but then I started to worry that JR wouldn’t be able to finish in time.

I was right.  JR was 14 miles shy of completing his 100 miles.  He went to the ceremony and received a “Participation Award”, but he did not get the “100 mile club medal”.

After the ceremony he told me he still wanted to finish the 100 miles.  I plotted out an out-and-back route from the house that would equal one mile.  We laced up our shoes and off we went.  At the 1/4 mile mark I started thinking there’s no way he will be able to the whole mile non-stop.  He started complaining about his ankle.  Then his knee.  Then he started talking about his friends at school, his Auntie visiting, his cousin and her blankie, his trip to Alaska and how he loves airports.  At the 1/2 mile mark, we turned around… JR kept talking.  And talking.

100 mile club

100 mile club

This picture was taken at the 3/4 mark.  He was actually picking up speed and enthusiasm!  After the run we were both on a runners high!  I was laughing and so was he!  It was an awesome moment between us!

But, make no mistake, this was a very special occasion.  I tried to recreate the magic last night and it was far from enthusiastic.  It started off promising.  He wanted to go.  We laced up our shoes, got out the door but within three minutes he started to complaine about his ankle.  Then his knee.  Then his head.  I tried to change the subject, but he insisted he was dying.  The 100 mile medal wasn’t important any more.

I could tell he just “wasnt feeling it”.  I thought we should turn around and go home but I also knew he could do it.  I did all that I could to keep the frustration at bay while I cheered him on. 

We finished, I gave him a high-five and took a minute to reflect.   Why was I so frustrated?  Should I have turned around sooner?  Was he tired?  Did I push him too far?  As I rubbed my head trying to release the guilt, he came up to me and said, “look what I can do with this melon.  It’s a front squat, right?”

Melon Front Squat

Melon Front Squat



Maybe he just didn’t feel like running.  Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t do anything wrong.  Maybe my little guy just wanted his Mom to be proud of him.  “Yes, JR, that IS a front squat!  Let me grab my camera… do it again!”

In that 30 second conversation and front squat display we recaptured our “runners high”!



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  1. fionaboger
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 20:37:53

    Love that! Running just might not be the sport for him, but looks like weight lifting may be in his future!


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