My boys have made it safely to the “Great Land” aka Alaska!!!  Currently, they are at my dads “homestead” which is about an hour drive, plus a 20 minute boat ride and a 20 minute walk from Anchorage.  The homestead does not have plumbing but it does have a generator that turns on the lights and ESPN.

Im in a BOAT!

Im in a BOAT!

Yesterday was the kick off to RCFAs “lean up/weight loss” challenge.  I just love these challenges!  LOVE THEM!  This will be my third challenge.  The first time I threw in the towel around day 6.  The second time I came in 2nd!!  Third times the charm???!!!???

One of the reasons why I like these challenges is the help the coaches provide.  RCFA started off with a 2 hour nutrition seminar and a farmers-market field-trip!  I was not able to attend either one because of my awesome work schedule, but when I paid my entry fee I was told to keep a food log.  Jamie suggested fitday.  After the free registration and a password (that is easy to remember), Im now a logging fool!  I even bought the $1.99 app to help stay consistant on the go!

The second reason I like the challenges is because there’s a start and a finish.  I know paleo/crossfit should be 365 days out of the year- but I’m not a competitor, or elite… I’m just a mom and wife who likes to look good for her date nights!!  Eight weeks is a perfect amount of time to battle down the hatches and become focused… yet, there’s enough wiggle room that a few cheat meals (or days) wont throw you out of the competition.

The third reason: the win.  There is only one winner.  And they deserve the glory, the sexy body and the extra cheddar!  Only the winner gets their picture/info on the website, everyone else gets a  simple pat on the back.

Even though there is only one “technical” winner, everyone actually does “win”.  The knowledge that comes from a challenge like this is awesome.  Sometimes it takes a log to be able to look back and say, “ok, maybe I wasn’t doing the best that I could”.  You have something measurable to change.  Just like crossfit when you get frustrated at not getting a PR, look back in your log… could you have gone heavier at an earlier date?  Have your sandbagging wods caught up with you?  I know mine have!!! 





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