Freaky Friday

“Freaky Friday” is more than a Lindsey Lohan movie to me.  Freaky Friday is a weekly phenomenon where the planets fall out of alignment.  Nothing goes terrible wrong- but nothing goes quite right either.  Sometimes it’s heading to work, getting in my car, looking in the mirror, and realizing I only have mascara on one eye.  Some days it’s doing a radio check on a land line.  Losing my CAC card.  Texting the wrong person details of how the evening will go… as if they were invited.  Driving to work on a one lane “expressway” behind this guy:

The speed limit is 49mph.

The speed limit on the EXPRESSWAY is 49 mph.

Even though I fall asleep every Thursday night mentally preparing myself for each and every Freaky Friday, I thought this one was going to be different.  I’ve been eating clean and working out: I have been feeling ontop of the world!!!  I got to sleep in an extra hour- today was going to be different, today was going to be GREAT!

I made my husband steak and eggs for breakfast and headed to my room to get dressed.  There’s a pair of shoes that I have been wanting to wear to work since a week before the last 80s party.  Today was the perfect day for my neon splashed high heels!!! 

I squeezed into a pair of stonewashed skinny jeans.  Threw on a neon green shirt to match my totally rad heels.  I sat at my vanity and put my war paint on (also called make-up).  This is where Freaky Friday started to rear her ugly head.  I spilled just a dot of foundation on my shirt.  No biggie… I can handle this: I have the same shirt in neon pink.  War paint on, neon shirt on, skinny jeans on, slid on the heels… in my head I started singing: I feel pretty, oh, so pretty.  I even got a flattering nod of approval from my husband.  Today is going to be a great day!!!

Freaky Friday- you are going DOWN!!!!!


Feeling onto of the world, I thought it would be a good time for an air squat.

Hello, Freaky Friday… got it: no neon. no skinny jeans.



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