So Oregon

Pacifically Paleo gets its name from the triangle of my favorite places: Alaska, California and Okinawa.  In the middle of my heavenly trinity is the almighty Pacific Ocean.  Although I am truly-madly-deeply in love with this triangle… there is one place that is above all: Southern Oregon.  I love it.  I love it-love it.  If it had any more of a heart beat I would marry it.

Hwy 89 heading towards I5.  Mt Shasta in the cross hairs!!!!

Hwy 89 heading towards I5. Mt Shasta in the cross hairs!!!!

So Oregon (for me) starts just south of a mountain called Mount Shasta.  Driving north on I-5, the land lays golden brown, sprinkled with cows.  Happy cows.  Cows that have shimmery coats and face the same direction at the same time.  Drive past the town of Weed and over the town where my sister grew up: Yreka.  Then the fun begins.  I-5 gains in altitude as the cows are replaced with rivers and greenery.

Cross over the white line into Oregon, go down the mountain and this, to me, is the most beautiful place on the planet.  Ashland to the West; the Klamath Mountains to the East. To the North: the expanding town of Medford.  Then there’s Central Point, Gold Hill, Rogue River, Grants Pass and then more mountains and more green.



Then, theres the Rogue River.

In love!!!

In love!!!

Cruisin' the Rogue!

Cruisin’ the Rogue!

My lovelies!!

My lovelies!!

Every year we “raft the Rogue”… my most favorite trip was the day I married my best friend!!!

Where am I going with this?  Oh yeah: cows.  I found a grass-fed cow farm in a little town called Central Point.  I emailed Larry from the Martin Family Ranch and asked him if I could tour his ranch.  I packed up my sister, boys and made my way to make a complete fool out of myself.

Let me make this vividly clear.  I know nothing of farms.  Nothing.  Ok, I know the song “Old McDonald”.  Yup, all three verses: moo, baa, & woof.  Larry, very patiently, explained the health benefits of grass-fed beef, his road to raising grass-fed cattle, how he manages his cattle, the types of grass the cows feed on, the list goes on!  For over an hour I asked questions like, “how do you get a cow pregnant?”  “do you name all of these cows?” “do you clean up the poop every day?”.  Yup.  I was that guy.

Mommas and their babies

Mommas and their babies

They were very curious about us, but still kept their distance.

They were very curious about us, but still kept their distance.

I hope this is what heaven looks like!

I hope this is what heaven looks like!

Thankfully, Larry must have taking extra patience in his coffee because he explained everything without laughing at me!!  Seeing where our food, literally, comes from takes eating healthy paleo to a whole new level!!

If your stateside, check out this website:  Some really great information!!

I may not be able to raise a grass fed cow (yet), put a 1/4 of Larrys cow in my freezer or go hunting for a cow… but someday, one of Larrys well loved cows will have a name: Dinner!!

Til then, tootles…


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