Summer 2013 Part 2

MC and JR went to the “states*” for the summer.  Their first stop was “Gramp Camp” in Alaska:

Like the Taylor Swift song... but different.

Like the Taylor Swift song… but different.

How much wood would a wood chuck...

How much wood would a wood chuck…

To recover them from the states I flew into San Francisco (three days after the Asiana flight).  My flight had an hour of holding at 11 thousand feet which was about the same amount of time it took to get my rental car!  In a rental car, GPS enabled, I was on the road to Brentwood!

MC was waiting for me there and I was so excited to see him.  The following morning I attended the 0600 wod at Crossfit Brentwood.  I had slept good and my jet lag didn’t feel too bad… plus I was really looking forward to seeing some more familiar faces!  A year ago I attended a hand full of wods here.  The owners and the athletes made me feel apart of the gym even though I was only breezing through.  A perfect example of the “crossfit community”!!

Jona and I at Crossfit Brentwood

Jona and I at Crossfit Brentwood

After the wod, MC and I loaded up the rental and headed through Sacramento to Reno, NV.  We spent the night in Reno after spending the day with my oldest daughter.  Yes, there’s one more!!  CT is 22 and lives on her own in Reno.  She has the most perfect 2 year old… which makes me… yup: Grandma!!!!

For dinner we ate at Outback.  I had the prime rib: delish.  Oh, and I tried the “onion petal” for the first time.  It made me look at onions in a whole new way… like I know onions dirty little secret!!!

On our way towards I-5 and Mount Shasta I called Crossfit Grants Pass.  Best decision of the vacay.



states: (noun) the state below Canada and above Mexico.

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