Spreading the wod

The lean up challenge that I was stoked about a few weeks ago has lost its luster.  10 days in the states put a serious damper on my determination, but I did the best I could.  I did one wod with the Crossfit Brentwood crew and then contacted Crossfit GP (Grants Pass).  I noticed they also had a CFKs program up and running!

I introduced myself to some of the trainers at CFGP and they made me feel right at home.  Especially when they asked me to join them in “birthday burpees” for a guy I’ve never met…. but since he was turned a studly 33, I obliged.  

That night I came home and told my sister all about the box.  I told her: all of the sexy people of southern Oregon were there.  That one gal had the cojones to wear pink leopard work out booty shorts- and ROCKED them!  The trainers were patient and the athletes were very welcoming.  In fact, one guy had just applied for a job here in Okinawa and another gals dad was stationed here during Vietnam: it’s a small world!  Keep in mind my sister has never shown any interest in crossfit… at all.  She has always supported me, but has never tasted the kool-aid. 

What Im about to say is a bit of a stretch, but this is the best way I can describe crossfit in my life.  Its like religion.  The Jehovah Witnesses come door to door to spread their gospel…. to spread their passion.  The Christians in my life express their love of their church and kindly invite me to join. 

When I talk about crossfit to someone who knows nothing about it (or has already made up their mind) I feel the pain of the Jehovah Witness getting the door slammed on them.  I just want to scream, “but this is the bestest thing in the whole wide world and it can save your LIFE!!!!!!!”

Dramatic.  But, true.

I was preaching to my sister about another reason why I love crossfit: I can do it anywhere.  I can do it in a hotel.  I can be a guest a new gym, blah, blah, blah.  Then it happened.  My sister rolled her shoulders back, looked me in the eye and said: I want to try this crossfit.

My sister and I are very close.  She is my “first best friend”.  We have shared a lot of great times together.  She even helped me bring JR into this world.  But, I have never-ever-ever worked out with her…

And then I did.  And it was awesome!  She scaled her weight, listened closely to the trainer, and got through the wod.  Afterwards I congratulated her but I was nervous.  I couldn’t read her emotions.  Did she like it?  Did she hate it?  Does she hate me?  Please, Lord baby Jesus, tell me she liked the kool-aid.

She loved it!!!!!!!!!

Spreading the wod.





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