Thai Food Yomitan

Ready for a date night, my husband asks me, “where is the best place to eat paleo on island?”.  Without hesitation, I turned to our kitchen and pointed!  Our kitchen is the best place to eat clean- because we know what exactly goes on our dinner plates.  But sometimes, I need a break from the internet browsing, cookbook reading, grocery shopping, chopping, dicing, sautéing, prepping and dishes.

I had read an article on Okihai about a newer place called Thai Food Yomitan.  I think one of the best options for eating out and remaining paleo is Thai food.  A lot of the menu options are veggies and meat.  There’s probably a bit of soy sauce and sugar- but that’s the price you pay for not having to do dishes!!!

Yomitan Thai Food is wicked easy to get to.  Drive past Torii’s main gate, take a left at a place called K-Box and it’ll be on your left.  We went early and parked in one of their three very tight parking spots and had our choice of seats.  We chose the little couches… they looked comfier than the plastic chairs.


Since there was only one other couple, our service was awesome- quick, super friendly and did I say quick?  The menu has both Japanese and English and of course the international language of pictures!  One of the extra menus had their summer specials:

Power Up!

Power Up!

Soooo sexy!!!

Soooo sexy!!!



Spring rolls... more like "Summer-Sunshine-Fantastical-Rolls"!

Spring rolls… more like “Summer-Sunshine-Fantastical-Rolls”!

Then our main courses came out:

Hubbys dinner

Hubbys dinner

The first time I’ve ever eaten Thai food, Ill admit, I ordered the all American order: Pad Thai.  Embarrassingly, I continued to order the Pad Thai until I went to Jai Thai with a Thai friend.  I haven’t ordered Pad Thai since!!!  On this date night, I ordered the “Spicy Roasted Pork”.

Oh so spicy!

Oh so spicy!

Let me tell you: It was spicy, it was roasted, and it was the most delicious Thai food I’ve had (except of course my friends Thai beef salad) on island!



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  1. mafia69IT
    Aug 06, 2013 @ 03:28:54

    Summer-Sunshine-Fantastical-Rolls… LOVE IT!!! 🙂


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