Jams Steakhouse

I drove home last night irritated and exhausted. Then the “don’t take yourself too seriously” angel came through my radio and made me move my hips like yeah:

Don’t judge. It made me laugh because I had just read this article saying 10 celebrities had “gone paleo”- one of them being Miley Cyrus. If you don’t know who Miley is… lower your musical standards, please. Thanks. But, seriously, how fantastic is this…

Say it with me, “thank you, Miley”!!

(And thank you, Steph, for sharing this!!)

After my seated Miley-dance-party I walked in the door and apologized to the hubby. For a couples like us who come and go so quickly, its imperative to be on speaking terms when one of us is departing the country. Since I was the one acting like a titty-baby- I apologized. This is the second time in one week that I have had to apologize for my bratty behavior. Earlier in the week I ruined our anniversary dinner.

It started off fine: a couples massage at Thai Med… and then traffic… followed by a discussion on how we would react to the news of one of our children being bullied (we passionately disagreed)… cue 20 minutes of stubborn silence… then to top off the evening, the walk of shame when we do not in fact have reservations at the restaurant 40 minutes from our house. Awesome. Happy 9th anniversary.

After a much needed 8 hours of beauty rest I woke up the following morning nice and apologized. Instead of the blame game that we did five years ago, he accepted my apology and we scheduled a re-do.

This time we skipped the massage, took a different route to miss the traffic and I made reservations.

This is Jams Steak House. Its expensive, but fun!!


Best décor on island!!


An aquarium IN the bathroom: mind blown!


Ostrich sashimi y500


#2 tasted like grass. Yuck. I ordered the Chi-Chi next and it was the best Pina Colada- eva!


Steak and veggies


Ahhh, romantic, eh!?!?

After nine years of wedding bliss I know one thing: its hard to argue over good food.




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