My Paleo Progression

The hubby is on his “Man-Cation” to celebrate an old friends retirement and swap war stories that start with, “There I was…”  As he fills up on his man time, Im digging further and further into this world of “paleo”.

At first it seems so easy: meat, veg, a little nuts and some fruit.  Simple enough.  A little more blog reading and you start realizing that nothing is paleo.  NOTHING!  Everything convenient: throw it away- its garbage!  Good-bye salad dressings, ketchup, A-1 sauce, what kind of salt is this?  NO NO NO to soy!  All of a sudden you start sounding like this:

First, you get really offended and tell your friends you hate them.  Then you think… hmm, Mexican paleo sounds legit.

I digress… the progression:

My gateway to paleo started with coconut oil.  I replaced damn near every cooking oil with coconut oil (bought at the commissary).  I kept the EVOO, only because I like saying EVOO.

Next thing I started incorporating was coconut aminos.  I used these in any of my recipes that called for soy sauce.  A year later, my SIL who is the gluten master suggested Tamari.  I took her word for it because she has a daughter with both celiac and diabetes.  She’s basically a gluten ninja.

Since I have been living in Asia during my paleo career a lot of my foods have been asian inspired.  This is where fish sauce comes in.  Either you hate it or love it… or don’t care.  I’m the third.  I keep it around to keep my Asian options open.  Plus nomnompaleo uses it, and she’s legit.

These are the four things that I cook with almost on a daily basis.

The other paleo-esque things I use is fish oil.  I like SFH because, well, I want to be: stronger, faster and healthier.  We ordered the starter kit to find out which were our favorite flavors and we decided tangerine and lemon are what tickled our fancy.  I also like this one because we are on-the-go type people!!!

Protein.  Whoa.  Protein in the paleo world is some kind of debate!  To each their own, but for me- I’m hungry.  A lot.  My favorite day is having breakfast with the family at 0700, wodding at 1030, and eating lunch once I get to work at 1300.  Between 1130 and 1300 is not safe for anyone to be in my vicinity.  In fact, its down right dangerous.  I have learned that having a protein shake (made with water) curbs the hangry beast in me.  I like SFH, because RCFA had it, I tried it and I didn’t hate it.

If sleeping were a sport I’d totally make the team.  I’ve never understood insomnia that sounds like pure hell.  The first three months of JRs life I thought I karma had caught up to me.  I should have started a list like Earl did.  But once I started to work out more consistently I was tired.  All the time.  Driving to and from work became dangerous.  Jamie suggested Calm.  I ordered some.  Took some.  I like the taste.  I have the same tub I ordered two years ago.  But, when I have a good workout week, its nice to get a super solid sleep.

This is what works for me.  This is what has brought me some weight loss, some mental clarity, strength, self-confidence and self-esteem.  There’s more though and I’m still learning, but this is what I just got done doing: making paleo gummies!!!

Not your childhood Jell-O!

Not your childhood Jell-O!

1 cup of lemons and limes is a lot of lemons and limes

1 cup of lemons and limes is a lot of lemons and limes

bought at the commiscary

bought at the commiscary

30 minutes later

30 minutes later

Looks tasty!!

Looks tasty!!

This is JY shaking her head and spitting it out.

This is JY shaking her head and spitting it out.

I thought gelatin was Jell-O.  When I think JellO, I think Jell-O shots.  But, I’m not 21 anymore- I’m super mature now.  Im about to turn 34 and my Jell-O shots have been replaced with sour gummies that heal my gut.  How adulthood is that?



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