Paleo Shrimp Alfredo

As if the first day of school wasn’t hard enough, I took JR to his 8-year-old well baby appointment yesterday morning.  Annual check up seems so clinical and he’s of course my “baby”.  The doctor introduced herself and immediately fell in love with him.  How could she not!?!

Day before 3rd grade

Day before 3rd grade

There’s two professions in the world that I would never attempt: nursing (slash doctor) and teachers.  Why?  Not because dealing with kids would be hard- but dealing with their parents would be absolute the death of me.

The doctor looked over his numbers: blood pressure is good, eye sight is perfect, hearing good, oh my he is tall…

My son sat on the examination table cross-legged, smiling and beaming with pride.  I looked at him and winked. I too was proud.

… Mom, lets talk about his weight.

My hairs on the back of my neck came to attention.  I tried hard to keep the momma bear in me from going into Binky mode.


But, innocent or not, it still hurts.  It hurts to know that I have been failing as a mother.  I have no problem correcting my children on their manners in public, but when it comes to food its a whole helluva lot harder.

My family eats pretty damn clean.  We eat clean (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Monday through Friday.  On the weekends we loosen the reigns and lock it back in on Monday.  Looking at it a bit closer: that’s 5 out of 7 days.  That’s 71% of the time.  Add in a cheat meal (or two) during the week and put that to grading terms and we would get a D+.

The obvious and math ruined my day.  I couldn’t shake it.  I don’t know if I was more upset with the fact that I have let my son get into the 96th percentile for weight or if it’s the daunting task of making it better.

Thankfully, I mustered the energy to make it to the 1030 wod.  I kept to myself and tried to be polite but one person saw through me.  The owner came over and asked if I was ok and gave me a hug.  That didn’t fix my mood.

We had to show the trainer three reps of shoulders to overhead to make sure our weight was good.  My reps felt pretty solid and the trainer said, “you know what I’m going to say”.  That didn’t fix my mood.

I walked out of the gym without PRing, without RXing, and without making it under the time cut off.  That didn’t fix my mood.

I watched my daughter at gymnastics.  That didn’t fix my mood.

I started making dinner and had small talk with the kids about their first day of school.  That didn’t fix my mood.

I made heygirlheypaleos Shrimp Alfredo with Bacon (except I used zucchini noodles instead of spaghetti squash) and roasted eggplant.

Roasted garlic

Roasted garlic







I sat down to this plate of food, I listened to the sound of slurping garlic cream sauce from my three beautiful children and I could feel my needle on my mood meter change.

BMIs, happy meters and grades can fluctuate; love and determination, however, will always remain constant.



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