I love birthdays!  I never made a big deal out of my birthday until the one that fell on September 11th,2001.  That birthday changed my life as I know that day changed many Americans.

For me, I cried from all the way up highway 97 from Yreka to Klamath Falls.  My leave was cancelled and I was to report to duty within an hour.  I had enlisted only a year earlier- as a personnelist.  I made ID cards.  And now I could be going to war.  This was my 22nd birthday.

I spent the next few hours in a complete daze.  All I could think of was “when”.  At some point in the day my supervisor pulled me aside and asked if I was ok.  I asked him, “When do we leave?”.

“Leave?”, he asked.

“When do we go to war?”

“We as in America, or when as in me and you?”

“Me.  When am I going to war?”

“You’re not.”

Everything became very clear in that moment.  I was apart of a Guard squadron who support the training of F-15 pilots.  We don’t deploy.  I never thought of going to combat until that very moment.

After a full eight hours of walking around in uniform I went to the base pub.  I couldn’t get “going to combat” out of my head.

The following morning I went to the Air Traffic Control Squadron and asked to be re-trained.  Two years later I celebrated my 24th birthday in Bagram Afghanistan.

September 11th 2003

September 11th 2003

Every year since: I celebrate!  The gal next to my is my best friend: GG.  She’s also an Air Traffic Controller and we share the same birthday.  We try to celebrate together as much as we can!

This year my birthday fell on a Wednesday so I saved the celebrating for the weekend.  If you’re gonna celebrate might as well make a theme out of it!!

This years theme was: Alter Ego:



No night is complete without a costume change!





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