Fat Jelly Bean

Picked up JR from school yesterday and out of habit, I asked him how his day was.  “Good,” he replied.  Not his normal, “good!” that I’m used to.  Then JY piped up from the back seat, “someone called JR fat today”.

JR bowed his head. A metal stake went through my heart.  “What happened, buddy?” I asked, trying to keep my emotions at bay.

“It was at recess and she kept coming in my space saying I’m a fat jelly bean. I asked her to stop and she wouldn’t.”  His body was deflated.  He wouldn’t look at me.

The metal stake in my heart became engulfed in flames.

“Did you tell someone?” I asked.

“I told a teacher.  She gave me a hug.”

I changed the subject and drove the rest of the way home with my heart on fire.  When we walked into the house I asked JR to walk the dog.  As soon as he walked out, I walked into my room and did the ugly cry.  How could I have let him get this way?  Why are kids so mean? What more can I do?  I’m going to CRUSH that 9-year-old girl!

I called the hubby and tried to convince him that my parenting career was a complete disaster and my child was going to be scarred forever.  I updated my Facebook and solicited pity and got some really good advise in return.

The last piece of advice I happened to read before JR walked back in the door was from my Uncle.  All he wrote was: sticks and stones.

I looked at JR, he sat on the couch, Indian style, chin on his hands, watching tv.  He saw me watching him.  He looked up at me and smiled.

Instead of a full fledged attack on the 9 year old girl, her parents, the school system, the teachers and the counselors…. I did what I knew would make me and JR feel better.

“Get your shoes, JR.  Let’s wod“.

We only did three rounds

We only did three rounds

JR held for 12 seconds

JR held for 5 seconds

JY held for 18 seconds

JY held for 18 seconds

Then he held for 12 seconds!

Then he held for 12 seconds!

I stopped the wod at three rounds 1: because I was tired, 2: because the kids were over it and 3: we broke into dance to Gangnam Style (Kids Bob version)!

Can't touch this.

Can’t touch this.

Words will never hurt us. 



5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. playlifeoutloud
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 01:06:24

    Brilliant way to help you all get past the mean little brat 🙂


  2. eatyourbeetsblog
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 01:38:07

    I love that you took this opportunity to turn hurt into positive action. You guys are all awesome. 🙂


  3. Gaga
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 02:51:12

    so when Zan’s brother (Adam) was 10..he, for some reason became a balloon. Active, ate well, happy. He too was called fat. Knowing that he was blooming slightly early, and that his bio-Dad was 6’5″, I encouraged him to ignore the taunts, smile in their face, and come home to his safe place to vent. My reaction was like yours, but turning it into a positive like you did for your son is exactly what he needed. It was about one year before the growth spurt added inches to his roundness, and then he was the the ultimate goal of all 6th grade girls (a whole journey in itself!). Your support of your Son will outweigh the comments! He is resiliant because of your parenting. Keep it goin Mama… ♥


  4. Jen
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 14:10:47

    I love you Jess… What’s that girls name? I will take her out…little meanie… I love the way you handled the situation, and I love that both kids did the workout with you! You are a great Mom…



    Jen Bray P.O.Box 113 Etna, CA 96027 (530) 921-8691

    …whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can’t… …you are right…

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. pacificallypaleo
    Sep 19, 2013 @ 23:41:33

    Thank you- all of you for posting your comments!


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