Lunch Box Countdown

I’m on the hunt to find the PERFECT lunch box for two of my minions (kinder and 3rd grade).  I have ordered all of these (except for #3 from  Here are my countdown starting with my least favorite:

#5.  Goodbyn

Pros: Sturdy.
Cons:  A little on the big side for the younger kids.  They are an awkward shape too. Not leakproof.
Price: $8.00

Ham and cheese roll up, miran, pickles and olives

Ham and cheese roll up, miran, pickles and olives

#4. The LunchBot:

Pros: Lightweight, stainless steel, perfect serving size for school aged kids, and a favorite of nomnompaleos.  Lots and lots and lots of ideas from her!
Cons: Expensive, paint chips (cue Tommy Boy), compartments leak (they do have “leakproof” bots now, but they don’t have dividers like the classic ones do), does not like the microwave.
Price: $16.99-20.99

green grapes, broccoli salad and kosher hot dogs

green grapes, broccoli salad and kosher hot dogs

paint fail

paint fail

#3. Easy Lunch Box

Pros: Lightweight, sturdy (not thin and flimsy), BPA free, cost effective, dishwasher & microwave safe.
Cons: A little big for the kids, but this is my favorite for ME!  I emailed the website to suggest a smaller box (for the smaller kids) and the CEO wrote back within the day!  She said that it wasn’t cost effective, but Im hoping that will change!  Not leakproof.
Price: $13.95 for FOUR!


Mommys lunch (leftovers): roasted brussel sprouts with bacon & garlic, baked chicken, cucumbers with sunshine sauce.


Mommys lunch (leftovers): cucumbers in rice vinegar and dill, Marissa’s Mississippi pot roast and mango slaw

#3: Authentic Japanese Bentos

Pros: Lightweight, sturdy (not thin and flimsy), cost effective (super cheap), freaking cute, colorful and fun!
Cons:  Cheap!  The lids tend to seek refuge in the trash!
Price: ¥100-¥700

100 yen store on 23

ETWS in Naha

ETWS in Naha


apple hotdogs with honey mustard dip, miran oranges, blueberries, almonds a fruit snack and a juice


grapes and blueberries, kosher hotdog and baked chicken with organic ketchup dip and a juice

#1: Yumbox
Pros: A bit pricey (thanks for the correction, Connie!!), 5 dividers and a spot for dip!!!  It demands variety!  LEAKPROOF!  Cute! Fits in backpack- perfectly!!!!
Cons:  Heavy.
Price: $29.99



A little skeptical of NEEDING a grain and dairy, but I can cover that up!

A little skeptical of NEEDING a grain and dairy, but I can cover that up!

Almonds, grapes, kosher hotdogs, miran and pickles

Almonds, grapes, kosher hotdogs, miran and pickles

pickles, grapes, apple sausage with honey mustard dip and almonds

pickles, grapes, apple sausage with honey mustard dip and almonds

Now I am having a desire to watch “Clueless”, “Cant Hardly Wait”, “10 Things I Hate About You” and & “Mean Girls”…



Summer 2013 Part 3

10 more days.  10 more days and all three of my children will be in school.  Well, not really.  It’s never that easy.  The boys start school soon, but JY doesn’t start kinder for almost three more weeks.  But, whatever- we’re close!

Every year around this time I come to a full-fledged panic.  The realization of my children growing up, the nervousness of my kids making new friends, the clothes shopping, supply shopping, and then I realize how far behind I am on my scrapbooking.  Yes.  Yes, scrapbooking creates a ton of anxiety for me.  I love to scrapbook but since I started working full time- my scrapbooking career came to a screeching halt!

One thing I have been dying to do is participate in a photography class.  I’ve looked into a class at Kadenas Crafty Things but with a rotating work schedule- I’m not able to complete all of the classes.

Until now.

A photographer is putting on two classes on how to use a DSL camera- and I got a spot!  Wahoo!

I have been following this blog secretly thinking to myself someday I’m going to take real pictures with a real camera and my blog, my children and my scrapbooking is going to love me for it! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone camera- I love it!  But, for some reason my iPhotos don’t turn out like these… maybe I need an iPhoto class too!!

Another thing I’m trying to fix before school starts is my school lunch dilemma.  Packing a kid’s school lunch should come with a reward.  Like chocolate or silence.

I have packed JR and MCs lunch for over a year.  MC likes to be able to throw everything away when he’s done eating so his lunch goes into multiple zip lock bags and then into a brown paper sack.  I like the simplicity and the nostalgia of his lunch even if its wasteful- he thinks it’s cool and that’s all that matters!

Since JR’s a few years younger he hasn’t been bit by the “cool” bug yet.  He is just grateful to get lunch!  I purchased these lunchbots about 9 months ago.

faded and torn

faded and torn

I liked them but I didn’t love them.  I didn’t love them because if I put four olives in a side the juice would run over to the grapes and violate their grape-space.  Course this doesn’t bother JR, but JY voiced her disapproval by not eating- a thing. To add to my “I don’t love it” feeling of these things is the way they held up.  Well, the paint job didn’t.

Then I thought about buying one of these:

Fancy, huh?

Fancy, huh?

But seriously, $60.00 for a lunch box? And the olive juice will still violate the grapes?  No bueno!  Here’s one more issue with this box: if you put it in the bag and then put the bag in a back pack, isn’t it completely sideways?  I don’t know why that bothers me, but it does.  Its very upsetting.  Why cant there be a lunch box that- I don’t know- FITS INTO A KIDS BACK PACK?!


Chips, cookies AND bread for lunch!?!? Oh no!

I just ordered these from Amazon.  Hopefully they make it here before I’m four years behind on my scrapbooking!!!!

Please let summer be over soon.



GMOs: Cereal. Killers.

GMOs.  What are they?!!?!?  Where are they?!?!?!  I’ve been learning a bit on GMOs since learning about them from my SIL.  Recently, I reflected on my high school biology career… I failed biology 2 years in a row.  Maybe this isn’t the topic for me. But, then again, you can get information in a video- and I LOVED movie day!

Dont have time for 2 1/2 hours of video?  No?  You’re in luck: heres pictures!



6 months ago in California Proposition 37 (required labeling of food products made from GMOs) was axed.  $47,000,000 (thats MILLION) was donated to oppose this measure.  There has been lots of pictures on facebook with lists of GMO users (the BAD GUYS):

This was sent to Stephanie by her Mom as a pamphlet.

This was sent to Stephanie by her Mom as a pamphlet.

Bad bad guys

snopes says these companies are not owned by “Monsanto” but these companies use products developed by Monsanto.

Potato: Potato.

Heres the happy list:


Follow me here- I’m going out on a limb… I started watching a new show: The Following.  The show is about a serial killer, Joe Carroll,  who is the leader of a serial killing cult.

The Monsanto

The Monsanto

I have nicknamed Joe Carroll: The Monsanto.  Monsanto… cereal?!?!  Anyone!?!??  Watch the show, let me know what you think!!!

Ok, back to real life…

Both of my boys are playing organized basketball.  After every game a different parent is in charge of sending the kids home with a snack.  First off: why do we need a snack after 16 minutes of exercise and secondly: chips, Gatorade, doughnuts, and granola bars just doesn’t feel like an appropriate “snack”.  I’ve called on my facebook homies to help me out on a fun and healthy snack… more to follow!



the walking dead

Recently my work schedule changed.  Im now a working stiff.  I work Monday through Friday from 8 until 4.  Since I really want to get in decent shape before my Crossfit Certifications I need consistency and a plan.  Last year during my weight loss months I had to work the same shift.  I would get up at 5, take the kids to their day cares by 6:30, get to work by 7:30, get off work at 4, commute for an hour, pick up my kids, wod at 5:30pm, cook dinner at 7 and me and the kids were in bed by 8.  Not much fun, but boy did I enjoy those rest days!!!

This years a bit different.  My husband is home and that helps a ton!  But, I really don’t want to spend the few hours of the evening at the gym away from my family.  Enter the zero 530 wod (it will be listed on the web sites schedule soon).  I’ve only gone a few times, but I can tell you, it’s the best wod in town!  The oh-dark-thirty-group are super welcoming, the coach is stellar and other than a mysterious towel swiper, it is all around an awesome experience.

By the second day midway through the wod I found a rumble in my belly.  I was starving.  So, this morning I cooked up a little fritatta and scarfed down one piece an hour before the warm up.  The bottom layer is browned chorizo sausage (from the frozen section at the commissary) and 10 eggs.  Im sure this is way against the culinary art of cooking eggs, but I add a tablespoon of water to my scrambled eggs for fritattas. The consistency makes me happy.


Dinner this week has been all over the place!  Getting back into a routine after the Christmas break has had some bumps and bruises, but nothing we cant handle!  I tried a butternut soup recipe that cooked in the crock pot for 8 hours.  I made the Traditional one on paleopot.coms site and it wasn’t until it was on the table that I remembered no one likes cinnamon.  Me included.  Bummer.  Next time Im going to do the bacon jalapeno one.  There will be a next time, mark my words!


I added a grilled steak and some broccoli and called it: dinner.

When your’e down, theres only one way to go- UP!  So, I tried another paleopot recipe: Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken.  I remembered the recipe called for an over night marinade only after watching two episodes of The Walking Dead.  Cue last minute draining, patting, chopping and food processing way past my bed time.  I thought for sure I would be a legit zombie in the morning.

Not the case.  I ate my fritatta, did my wod (granted I wasn’t even remotely close to Rxing), contemplated the identity of the towel swiper, drove to work, talked to some planes, and then walked into a quiet house smelling like a mexican sunset!  I havent actually seen a mexican sunset, but I think it would have smelled like my house tonight!  It was awesome!  We topped our juicy, flavorful, mexican sunset chicken with a quick guacamole.  You could have heard a pin drop in our house.

Have I mentioned I have not attended a single culinary class.  I’m gonna have to save that one for next years resolution.


Devoured chicken carcass by humans, not zombies.

Since dinner inhalation was so quick, I had time to pack both boys lunch.  Heres what I did with the left over guac:


Femur bones in zombie goo.




DONT call it a comeback!!!!  Ok, ok, you can call it a comeback!  Its been months since I have done a post!

After a summer like we had, its nice to be home!!  In the last few months I got my job back (best job ever) and we have moved back to Okinawa, however, our diet along with our work outs have slumped.  But, everyone loves a comeback!!

The big news is my middle son was apart of a program put together by Kadenas Pediatrics clinic.  “Fit Club” is what they called it.  They selected children who were over weight to participate.  They met once a week for group workouts and once a month for weigh-ins and a diet discussion.  The program is an amazing idea!  My little dude, JR, LOVED it!!!  We started it last October and we were really seeing some great progress.  But then we went to the states.

I knew we were going to loosen the reigns a bit but I didn’t realize how long our trip was going to be.  It ended up being a bit longer than we had planned. Bottom line, the weight is back.

Dec 2012BMI 22.3

Dec 2012
BMI 22.3

JR is a happy kid.  He’s SUPER happy, super sweet and all around a fun kid.  My biggest fear is for him to not be able to keep up with the other kids on the playground or to be teased.  Since I take 98% of the blame for my sons condition (I leave 2% to his Dad… I think thats a pretty fair deal since I do the majority of the cooking), I am going to take 98% initiative to get him back on track.

My plan: Hard work and good food.

Hard work: I bought the crossfit kids lesson plan.  Im starting a home gym!!!  I bought a little kettle bell from Reebok Crossfit Asia, got a wall ball from the BX and every month I am going to purchase one piece of gym equipment.  Workouts will be on the days that I work days (0600-1400) and my days off.

Good food: As soon as JR was pinpointed as “over weight”, I immediately took him off of school lunches.  Since we have been back he has been eating paleo-ish, but we are tightening the reins.  Cheat day will be on Saturdays where he will pick our family lunch spot.

Heres my cooking WOD from the afternoon for his lunches this week:

Turkey Wraps:

  • Chipotle Sliced Turkey
  • Sweet Bell Pepper strips


Tuna Boats:

  • Can of White Albacore Tuna (drained)
  • 1 T mayo (I used regular this time, but Ill be doing a post on paleo mayo soon!!)
  • 2 T pepperchinis
  • Sweet Bell Peppers (cut so that it makes a “boat”)
  • Salt & Pepper


Scotch Eggs By Melissa Joulwan



The kids WOD: